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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, August 12

Good morning, everyone.  The league is fast approaching; the Liverpool preview will be up on Saturday.  Also, I have resolved to check the blog email more often, so for those who have emailed in, my apologies for slow replies.

Here are the links:

  • A Cultured Left Foot talks about how the need for a defender is more pressing than that of a goalkeeper at this point.
  • 7AM Kickoff has highlights from a couple of international games yesterday featuring Arsenal players, and he talks about the reputation factor of signing a new goalkeeper.
  • Zonal Marking breaks down the England-Hungary match, with particular praise for Wolcott and Gibbs' performances.  To many, Walcott still looks like a guy who dribbles into a dead end and doesn't have the crossing skills to really present danger, but there are indications that his crossing was actually slightly better than average last season, and if he can improve his decision-making even more, he will become extremely dangerous.
  • The official site has video of Wenger outlining the injury situation ahead of Anfield.  Johan Djourou, Nicklas Bendtner, and Aaron Ramsey are definitely out; Abou Diaby and Denilson face tests before Sunday, Andrei Arshavin is fine, and Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie are healthy but short of match fitness.
  • Charlie George.  1971.  Classic, but hey.

Have a good day, everyone.