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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, July 8

Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Greetings, everyone.  Here are today's World Cup-interstitial-links for Arsenal Football Club:

  • Three and In writes about how Barcelona's very public approach for Cesc Fabregas is actually damaging to not only their chances, but to the man himself.
  • Arsenal have had to issue a clarification about a supposed Kenyan newspaper quoting Arsène Wenger about the club's goalkeeping options.  Not only were the quotes picked up by just about every major news outlet in the UK, they were also fodder for analysis on a number of blogs.  This is not to assign blame, because there is tremendous pressure to get stories out as quickly as possible, as we all know.  Setting aside journalistic ethics, though, one problem is that this is precisely the kind of thing that can damage a player's confidence and a manager's ability to do his job well.  (In fairness, if the story had not broken when I was in the throes of nightmares at 3 AM, I very well may have commented on it...)
  • Ben Reiter of Sports Illustrated has written a piece examining the tension, rift, feud, whatever one wants to call it, between Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie.
  • And finally, here's why van Persie might have fought with Sneijder about who should take a free kick against Russia in 2008 (also of note: Diaby's thunderbolt that did not count).