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Arsène Wenger is, indeed, aware of the problem

Of course, everyone knows that Wenger spends the most time around the club out of anyone, and does his best to make the club as good as he can.  Nevertheless, it is good to hear that he's on it:

"We are still on the search because at the moment we only have three centre backs and we have seen last season you needed five. I believe we need at least four because we have some other players who can fill in this position but overall we are still on the search."

It doesn't sound, then, as if he considers Nordtveit anything more than an emergency option at center half at this point.  He has a reason for playing the young Norwegian at right back, however.

There is no news on the goalkeeper front yet, either, but Lukasz Fabianski says that they are all still battling.  The Emirates Cup should provide the keepers with their first true test this weekend.

Editor's note: Speaking of the Cup, it is going to be shown on GOL TV in the states, and there will be audio commentary on the official website for Arsenal TV Online subscribers.  I will be out of town at a wedding on Saturday (again), but there will be an open thread up for both of the games a couple of hours before they begin.  Please feel free to comment on those and post fanposts and fanshots as desired, as always.