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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, July 22

Things are starting to happen again in the world of Arsenal, after a long hot summer of World Cup action and endless pap about transfers, particularly involving one certain midfielder.  Here are your links for today:

  • Apologies for the lack of a Sturm Graz write-up yesterday.  Arseblog has summed up rather nicely the main points, and after watching the full match last night, they are all more or less dead on.
  • Football365 discusses the shameful, idiotic press reaction (particularly from the Daily Mail, which will not have a link here) to the Eduardo move to Shaktar Donetsk.
  • The man himself has issued a personal statement to the Arsenal club website about his transfer. 
  • Arsène Wenger talks about his sadness at seeing Eduardo leave.
  • Wenger wants Jack Wilshere to stay at Arsenal if at all possible rather than go out on loan.  With Aaron Ramsey out for a while yet, it is a good idea, especially if Jack can replicate his preseason form against Premier League and Champions League opposition.
  • And finally, here's highlights from the 1994 Cup Winner's Cup final against Parma, featuring Alan Smith.