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Fallout from Robin van Persie's anger

Photo by Steve Haag/Getty Images
Photo by Steve Haag/Getty Images

ESPN is reporting that Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk has "drawn a line under" the conflict brewing between Arsenal striker Robin van Persie and Inter Milan midfielder Wesley Sneijder.  van Persie was visibly upset yesterday after being subbed off for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.  According to the striker, he felt that the Slovakian defense was beginning to tire and opening up more opportunity to score.

Whether or not the tension between van Persie and Sneijder will translate into something more on the pitch remains to be seen, but as commenter DarrenV noted yesterday, both players are struggling at times in a system that operates differently than their systems at the club level do.  That van Persie would be frustrated with his service is understandable; he is not getting service in positions that he is used to, and he may feel that Sneijder is partly to blame for this (although to be fair, van Persie himself has looked a little rusty).

But apparently it's all been sorted out by the coaching staff, so (for Arsenal's sake as much as the Netherlands') hopefully van Persie can shake loose whatever rust he's still feeling and score some goals and put the whole incident behind him.