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Arsenal link roundup for Sunday, June 27

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Not a lot of Arsenal news today, as one could imagine, with the World Cup continuing to occupy everybody's minds.  Most of what there is, as always, is speculation, which is basically useless, but two pieces stick out for particular and different reasons this morning:


  • The Daily Mail is Eduardo leaving for a continental league, which would be a move resulting from an unfortunate time at Arsenal, with so much promise unfulfilled.  It is, as always, only rumor at this point anyway, but the story of Eduardo is one that always feels a little sad, almost lyrically so, somehow.  He was really starting to come into form and clearly capable of scoring incredible goals, but a horrific tackle put an end to all that.  He came back to score wonderful goals and looked promising, but by season's end, his legs looked weary.
  • Young Guns reports on further details being worked out in an unresolved move to bring Laurent Koscielny to the Emirates.  Gilles Francis Coquelin has already moved the other way on a loan to Lorient (that sounds a bit like a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie - The Loan to Lorient).
  • In honor of Eduardo's contributions to the club so far, here's a goal worth watching, well, every day.
Hopefully soon the Arsenal link roundup will begin to have substantial news again; all this rumor is not good for the constitution.  Enjoy the rest of your Sundays, everybody.