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Arsenal link roundup for Sunday, June 13

Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

First of all, a quick assessment of the Arsenal players at the World Cup so far: Carlos Vela: meh.  William Gallas: did his job.  Bacary Sagna: did his job, and in traditional Arsenal style, got hacked down by the opposition.  Abou Diaby: did his job well, only to never see the ball again after it went down the Franck Ribéry hole.

Also, a reminder to everyone to check out SBNation's primary World Cup coverage, as well as all of the other Premier League blogs.  The amount of information and writing coming from all of the site's communities is really second to none right now.

Now then.  The links:


  • It's an old interview at this point, but Robin van Persie told the Mirror that he aspires to be as good as Messi, Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney.  (If injuries can be avoided, then who knows?)  He also talks about the lack of trophies during his time at Arsenal and seems to have as good a perspective on the empty cabinet.
  • According to Arsène Wenger, the title race will not involve only three teams next year.
  • Well, I guess there aren't a whole lot of links today specifically related to Arsenal, but at least we know that Wenger is always admiring yet another midfielder...
  • And in honor of his solid performance for France on Friday, here's a really good Arsenal goal started and finished by Abou Diaby.
More to come tomorrow as the Arsenal involvement ramps up again.