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Arsenal link roundup for Monday, May 10

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(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Well, another season is in the bag for Arsenal.  It hasn't really sunk in yet for most supporters, and perhaps the World Cup will help to stave off some of the summer emptiness.  But if that doesn't help, well, maybe a link roundup will:

  • According to Ivan Gazidis, the club is on solid enough financial footing now to invest (in players) during the summer window; whether one should take from this that there will be significantly more activity this summer than in the last two or three is open to question.
  • But Arsène Wenger himself has said there will be additions to the team, and he more or less says where they will be.
  • According to the Guardian, Cesc Fábregas says he feels good about his leg and the World Cup.  This is hopeful news for Spain, as Xavi and Iniesta have also been struggling with injuries over the past couple of months.
  • It's unclear why young drivers seem to struggle so much and frankly suprising that it's even an issue.  But it is, apparently, and Arsenal is taking steps to help fight the problem.
  • Robin van Persie welcomes the challenge of a new striker at the club; it's always good to see when a player realizes that competition for places and the good of the team come first, and yet he displays confidence that he will be the guy.
  • Arsenalist has the MotD highlights for yesterday's game, plus the usual Lineker/Hansen/Shearer fluffiness afterwards.
  • Russ Goldman at Cottagers Confidential has a report on yesterday's match, and he will be covering all of the buildup to Wednesday's Europa League final in Hamburg v. Atlético Madrid.  Check out his site for all the Fulham news, and then after you read about them, why not check out all of the other great SBNation soccer coverage?
  • Which Bergkamp goal to link to, which Bergka...hmm...hmm...yes: this one.

More to come later this week.