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Welcome to the Short Fuse

Greetings, everybody, and welcome.  I intend for The Short Fuse to become a hub of Arsenal news and commentary over the coming months, and to that end, I will be posting match previews, match reports, bits of news, extended articles, and anything else interesting and related to Arsenal, the Premier League, and football in general.

Also to that end, please feel free to check out the FanPosts and FanShots features that all SBNation blogs have.  I encourage everyone to make use of and enjoy these features.  In the finest Arsenal blog tradition, there will no doubt be differences of opinion, general outlook, and other sports-related emotional charge; I ask only that everyone make every effort to treat all supporters with civility and reason, both in FanPosts/Shots and in comments.

While in some ways this season has been difficult for us Arsenal supporters, I firmly believe that we have much to be optimistic about for the near future as this squad matures and gains confidence.  I look forward to sharing this optimism with everyone.