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We are legion

Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world, as we all know.  Related to efforts to expand our regular coverage and commentary to something more worthy of the subject, I am happy to announce that BeltransMole will be on board as an editor going forward.  As many of you no doubt know, he is author of the excellent larsenalfc blog, and he will bring an incisive mind and knowledge of the game to bear on all things Arsenal.

And in addition to the quality, there will also be more quantity.  Once we get everything sorted out, we should be seeing around nine or ten posts a week here, something that my schedule wasn't always allowing for.  I hope that you continue to visit The Short Fuse for all of your Arsenal news and commentary needs--tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors!  Tell your pets!  We're moving on up and getting bigger every day, just like Jack Wilshere.