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Arsenal link roundup for Monday, November 8

A Monday morning after a home loss in which Arsenal looked half-dead?  There are better mornings, to be sure.  Maybe some links will make everyone feel better (sigh):

Zonal Marking more or less nails the analysis, and the positive Arsenal supporters can take away is that if Arsenal's players had played to remotely their normal ability, things could have been very different.  It was an off day at best.

A Cultured Left Foot is a bit befuddled by Arsène Wenger's substitutions yesterday.  He is not alone.  Arseblog, meanwhile, is fed up with Lukasz Fabianski.

Graham at We Ain't Got No History, SBN's Chelsea blog, is also responsible for putting together some wonderful charts.  Here's the win probability from yesterday's match:

Arsenal plan to appeal the red card given to Laurent Koscielny yesterday.

The Reserves, bless them, crushed Everton Reserves 4-1.  Young Guns' match report is full of praise for Jay Emmanuel-Thomas.

Wenger admitted that Robin van Persie is not really ready yet, which begs the question...

Not only is Jay-Z a big supporter, but so are Joakim Noah and Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls.