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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, November 4

Good afternoon.  Here are the links:

Arseblog and A Cultured Left Foot bemoan the complacency that Arsène Wenger decried in his press conference yesterday.

The Arsenal Column talks about the match and how Shakhtar were able to exploit the space between Arsenal's back four and the holding midfielders.  (For background on this problem, also from Arsenal Column, see here and here as well).  It's interesting to note that part of the problem may have been that Arsenal did not use their surest back-four marker, Laurent Koscielny, yesterday.

Theo Walcott is at a loss to say exactly what happened, but he's right about one thing.

Although he didn't celebrate, Eduardo was happy to score.

Jack Wilshere, like everyone else seems to, see Liam Brady as his role model and the player he most resembles.

Walter Broeckx at Untold Arsenal, a ref himself, has analyzed and given his verdict on the referee's performance yesterday.