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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving edition)

So, let's all give thanks for a moment.  As much as this week has sucked (hard to imagine a week sucking more), we can all give thanks that Arsenal are:

  • The most financially secure of the big clubs in England and the world.
  • Two points off the top with three fixtures remaining against the top two teams.
  • Getting Aaron Ramsey back [UPDATE: he's going on loan to Forest.]
  • Looking like a real good bet to win the Carling Cup.
  • Involved in the FA Cup and the Champions League.

It has not always been easy for the past five years, but at the end of the day, this club is better at getting results than 99.9% of the rest of the world's clubs (it just so happens that lately the 0.1% have been Chelsea and Manchester United).  Now just promote Bouldy to sit up there with Pat Rice and shout a lot, and things will be all set.

Now then: the links!

Zonal Marking offers his analysis of the loss at Braga.  And that's all that'll be said about that (sigh).

Cesc Fabregas' injury has caused even Arsène Wenger to sit up and take notice:

"This time we were concerned with one leg before the game and it happened on the other leg. It is very difficult to predict – I am not scientific enough to speak about that and none of the medical people we have seen yet can tell us more."

The other leg?  Sheesh.  Paul Doyle at the Guardian argues that playing Cesc on Tuesday was not necessary and could actually show a lack of confidence in the other players.

Arseblog is pretty fed up with things at the moment.  Even the Irish economy's got him down.  Somebody send a care package to Dublin to cheer him up.

Henri Lansbury has joined Norwich City on loan.  Regular playing time can help a lot, as everyone knows, so let's hope that he benefits from his time in East Anglia.  He has a lot of promise, as everyone saw in the Carling Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Wenger says that Robert Pires (aka Super Bob, aka Le Bob, aka Dreamy, aka PFA Player of the darn Year) would help anyone.

Aaron Ramsey is on his way back, and he won't rush it.  Young Guns wraps up his play in the reserves match against Wolverhampton.

And to top everyone off, here's the goal that Ramsey scored last year against Pompey that made everyone sit up and say, "oooooooooOOOOOYES".

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, everyone.