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Arsenal link roundup for Monday, November 15

One week later, and things are a little rosier.  Chelsea reminds us all the hard way what it's like to play with over half of your best XI out or playing hurt (all due credit to Sunderland, though; they were really good), Arsenal scrape another away win, and suddenly the top of the table--even by goal difference--doesn't seem so far away.  Here are the links:

Starting things off is 7AM Kickoff's recap of the match, simply because the .gif he has of Andrei Arshavin watching Bacary Sagna's goal go in is worth it every time.

Zonal Marking breaks things down... does the Arsenal Column (although he starts from a different argument than does ZM).

Arseblog is surprisingly upbeat about Lukasz Fabianski, as is A Cultured Left Foot.

Sixteen Arsenal players are on international duty this that's quite a few, then.

Much was made this weekend of some kind of potential rift between Nicklas Bendtner and the manager; not so, sayeth Arsène.

The Guardian praises Arsenal's resilient spirit.

...and finally, for those who subscribe, there is a nice interview with Marc Overmars on Arsenal TV Online today.  Worth checking out.

Have a good Monday afternoon, everyone.