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Arsenal link roundup for Tuesday, October 5

Well, the Chelsea match has been roundly dissected from all corners of the internet by now, the consensus being that Samir Nasri should have tracked Ashley Cole on the first goal and that Alex Song should not have moved for the second.  Also generally agreed upon is that Chelsea's midfield three are set up to defend against wide players and passes to wide players better than Arsenal's midfield three, what with Abou Diaby or Alex Song bursting forward into attack.

Also consensus opinion: injuries suck.  [And, since the international break is in full swing; pray that no more injuries come the Gunners' way.]

But that's all in the past (although hopefully Arsène Wenger and the squad make adjustments for next time).  Here are some links that have emerged since Sunday:

In the realm of tactical analysis:

OleGunner looks at the squad's average position during the match and breaks down the tactics.

Michael Cox, he of Zonal Marking, analyzes Cole's play at the Guardian.

The Arsenal Column talks about Arsenal's midfield setup making life difficult for our defenders.

In other, more general realms:

Iain Macintosh argues that trophies are, in economic fact, overrated.  An interesting and valid argument.

David Pleat, bless his Spudsy heart, sings the praises of Jack Wilshere's performance.

Wilshere has been called up for both the senior England squad and the U-21s.  Which is nice, except that everyone remembers how well that workload worked out for Theo Walcott a couple of years ago.

7AM Kickoff is not happy about the direction that players like Nigel de Jong and Karl Henry are taking the Premier League in.

And, as everyone may have seen by now, a certain Robert Pires is training with the team at London Colney, as David Beckham and Sol Campbell did last year.  There is more chance that it is a case of the former, rather than the latter; one cannot see Wenger signing a 36-year old winger.  Hopefully, though, the younger players can pick up some tips and some encouragement from Super Bob.  For Arsenal TV Online subscribers, there is a cool interview up on the official site with Pires as well.