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Arsenal link roundup for Thursday, October 21

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Here are the links for today:

A Cultured Left Foot talks about the difficulty Arsenal have had against top sides in England over the past three years, and how that must change against Manchester City on Sunday.

Ivan Gazidis says Arsenal represent the way forward for football clubs in Europe. (Has he considered the Bundesliga, one wonders?)

7AM Kickoff had a correspondent from the Shakhtar match who posted his thoughts on the match.

The Arsenal Column talks about Arsenal's asymmetrical midfield trio against the Ukranians, and why it was effective.

This article on the BBC about Robert Pires is the best. Just the best.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to check out the other Premier League and MLS blogs (listed on the sidebar to the left), as well as the soccer main page. They are all excellent. Also, if you want to follow The Short Fuse on twitter, clicking on the feed at the right will take you to twitter so you can follow.