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Arsenal mini link roundup for Sunday, October 10

Apologies for the lack of much going on in these parts over the past week; the rest of life has beckoned with all the force of a giant dumpster truck.  Perfect timing for that kind of thing with the international break in full swing.  Things should return to normal just in time for the Birmingham City match.

So, a quick run through the more interesting links over the past few days:

The Swiss Ramble runs down the particulars of Aresnal's financial situation.

7AM Kickoff speculates about whether Liverpool's potential new owners will steer the club in a direction similar to that which Arsenal has taken.

Well, at least our U-18 squad beat Chelsea.  Yeah, take that!

The official site updates the results of the Gunners on international duty.

Speaking of which, Stuart Pearce tried to reassure everyone about his intentions for Jack Wilshere ahead of the U-21 match.  But Barney Ronay at the Guardian talks about the potential problems with Pearce and England's approach...

Have a good Sunday, everyone.