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Andros Townsend! Yay or Nay?

Recently I have seen a lot of articles written about the young Andros Townsend and have equally seen mixed opinions towards the young winger, so I thought i'd discuss a little further. Its no...


QPR are screwed.

A quick breakdown to put things in perspective: QPR has 13 games left to make up 7 points and overtake 3 teams. Of those 13 games they still play United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton and Newcastle....

Chelsea 6-1 QPR: A late recap hailing all involved


That was as surreal as it was exceptional. A match of such class, such splendor, that many of us, including one Fernando Torres, were likely wondering who this team was that we were watching. As I...

Ramires suffers MCL injury - does not look like a severe tear


We of course don't have the official prognosis yet, but on the strength of quotes from both the player and Andre Villas-Boas it looks like we may have dodged a massive bullet. Worrying moments R...

Talks with QPR break down, PSG now favorite for Alex


Queens Park Rangers apparently can't afford Alex. Paris Saint-Germain, meanwhile, certainly can. I guess that solves that then, in my skewed mind at least. A reunion? The protracted transfer of...

The bid is in: For Alex that is


It's safe to say Alex has not enjoyed the new year thus far. After Andre Villas-Boas kicked the bold, bald Brazilian to the Cobham curb earlier in the winter, he was left to fend for himself on...

FA Cup Draw: Chelsea to face QPR/MK Dons in fourth round


A largely average performance resulted in a 4-0 win over Portsmouth at Stamford Bridge and a place in the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup. Hey, I'm not complaining. Who's up next then? The...

PL Recap: QPR 1-0 Chelsea


If anyone wants to complain about this team's tenacity, heart, or passion, I'll be right here to kick you in the balls. More, after the jump: The Tipping Point I won't let anyone hang their heads...

PL Preview: Queens Park Rangers v. Chelsea


West London be the venue for Chelsea's first league encounter with QPR since 1996. Wee Shaun Wright and company will no doubt be amped for this one. Too bad we will be as well. Son of anarchy R...

Rant Box: Chelsea v QPR


Fantastic display on the weekend at home to Tottenham -- sans the Drogba scare, of course. Now that we know the terrifying Ivorian is going to be just fine, we can get on with the business at hand....

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