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2014 World Cup - Group A Primer

This is it, you've waited four years for this very day. This is the biggest day in all of international soccer - the start of the 2014 World Cup. So here's some information you'll need for the next...

Inter v Twente: Rafa's Last Stand?


I think we can all agree that Inter is in full-on, hard-core, screaming, teeth-gnashing, hair-rending Crisis. So much so, that it has been suggested that Benitez is hanging on by the skin of his...

Tottenham v Internazionale: Deep Cleansing Breaths


This wasn't ever going to be an "easy" game. Well, with our spate of injuries, it just got exponentially harder. Yep, no Julio Ceasar, no Cambiasso, no Mariga, no Stankovic, no Thiago Motta. If...

Can You Feel The Love?


Nothing brings a team together like a resounding win. A 4-0 thumping is just what we needed to bring the love back to the team. Also, how great were the babies last night? Coutinho showed...

Inter v Werder Bremen: The Coefficent Combat (of doom)


Right off, let me just say that Werder Bremen has not been an easy team for Inter to beat. This will be our fifth time taking them on, and so far, Inter has only won one of those matches. Still,...

Inter: Champions League Group A and UEFA Club Football Awards


Not a lot of time, but I wanted to get something up. Inter totally nailed the UEFA Club Awards with a clean sweep. Also, we got Group A. All in all, not a bad morning. As you can all see by the...

Champions League Matchday 5: Werder Bremen 1-0 Chelsea


No!! Don't worry I haven't slit my throat (shame I hear a few of you whisper), after last night's defeat against Werder in Bremen. I wish I could say that I was on the sauce all day, celebrating...

Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona


Bear with me. I am new to this WordPress and all this picture mucking about LOL. I really wanted to post a picture of JarJarBinks from Star Wars, because if you look closely enough, doesn't JarJar...

Euro 2012, Day Nine: Open Thread


Day Nine of Euro 2012 will decide the fate of Group A. Co-hosts Poland need a win against the Czech Republic, while Greece needs a win and some help against Russia.

Euro 2012 Open Thread: Greece vs. Czech Republic, then Poland vs. Russia


Greece vs. Czech RepublicEuro 2012 Group A Round 2Tuesday, June 12, 12 PM EDT KickoffTV: ESPN / ESPN 3 / ESPN Deportes Poland vs. RussiaEuro 2012 Group A Round 2Tuesday, June 12, 245 PM EDT KickoffT...

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