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Justice and Expediency, or: The Exorcism of Foulest Evil

via www.uhnd.com ________________________________________________________ "The Devil is not as black as he is painted." Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy As a true supporter of the Notre Dame...


Barcelona's Defensive Woes

If it wasn't already a blow that Thiago Silva has insisted he is staying with PSG, the aspiring star center back Marquinhos has also signed with the French money bags PSG. After showing a very...


The OFD Offseason Tailgate: Introduce yourselves!

Ah, spring! It is the time of birds chirping, the Permacloud evaporating, and squirrels becoming more aggressive around the dining halls. It brings the emotional sights of fresh flowers in bloom,...

Importance of the fullback in the Colts offense


Who will be catching the Spider 2 and Spider 3 Y Banana from quarterback, Andrew Luck in Pep Hamilton's new offense? Stampede Blue will tell you which draft prospects and free agents fit the system.

FootballOutsiders looks at formation rushing effectiveness


Shows how teams compared rushing from single-back to multi-back sets. TT would not be considered a RB, but when we motioned Eddie Royal into the backfield for our triple-option runs (which I remember a lot of), that would count as a 2 RB run. So my guess is this shows the relative ineffectiveness of those triple-option types of plays compared to our regular spread option single back runs, and also indicates Larsen was not a great runblocker compared to our 2+TE sets or multi-WR formations (which I think we all acknowledged... he was better in pass pro).

The Unicredit Podcast- Italia, Loans, and Roma


Loans, loans, loans! Who will stay, and who will go? With no game to review this past weekend the guys still got together and chewed the fat of a number of topics that normally there would not be...

Ferrara searches for Fullbacks


There has been several refreshing changes under Ferrara's regime, there were many times under Ranieri's reign in which he would never do things that everyone called for, such as switching player...

Hidden Layer: Fullbacks, Defensive Midfielders And Pro-Active Defense


Fullbacks and defensive midfielders are the bulk of action in Seattle. An examination of what that means.

Dream Wagon: Drivers and Horses


Priority one for Mack this fall is obviously determining the Quarterback to hold the reins for the dream wagon. I have an opinion or two on that front but it's important to note that the horses...

Arsenal Are Missing Their Fullback Thrust


Why Arsenal need their fullbacks in order to become a scoring force again--and why Wayne Bridge isn't that player.

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