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Win The Feed Zone Cookbook + Feed Zone Portables


Podium Café and VeloPress team up to offer you a chance to win to cyclist-friendly cookbooks.

The Case For Delneri's Dismissal


Despite Matri’s double sparking the traveling tifosi to chant the chorus of one of Lady Gaga’s recent singles, Delneri’s team was unable to secure the victory with ten men against a spirited Cesena...

Cesena v Juventus: "Go Ahead, Make My Day"


Quote by Clint Eastwood, artwork courtesy of Sposato.al.Nemico The ability to not look back and get distracted by an event in the past is a mental feature many high level athletes work tirelessly...

Juventus v. Milan: Where Will We Go From Here?


Juventus against Milan is always an extremely popular contest to watch for many reasons. For one thing, playing in front of a sold out stadium certainly provides both teams with ample energy and...

Juventus v. Milan: An Italian Classic


With the big game coming up on Saturday, we thought we would have some friendly discussion while we are all still speaking. So bloggers from The Juventus Offside, The Milan Offside and the new M...

Guest Post: Letter To The Juve Fans


I wanted to take some time to digest this loss and to get my thoughts in order after Juve's last game. In this letter I want to ask the Juve fans here for some patience. Last year you could see...

The Aftermath


That was quite possibly one of the saddest performances witnessed in recent memory and once again, reality rears its head in our hearts and minds. Certainly this loss underlines the inexperience of...

Official Recap: Juventus 1 - Inter 0


Everyone should know the outcome of the most recent ‘Derby d'Italia’. However not until now have we been able to put up a review that's worthy of said match. So ahead of the preview on our upcoming...

PotD: On Cloud Nine


Thankfully, Matri's injury is recoverable within a week. Next weekend, we're away at Lecce; it's time to begin a proper start to the second half of the season. An appropriate review will be up...

Amauri Scored! Is This...Is This Real Life?


The month of January was truly messy, heartbreaking and especially nerve-wrecking for Juve fans. A disastrous Olimpico performance against Juve's Rejects+Giovinco Parma kick-started a series of...

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