Fusillade, An Arsenal Podcast

Fusillade, Episode 17: An Arsenal podcast

The podcast is back!

Fusillade 16: Incidental Facial Damage

Ted and Thomas discuss West Ham, Theo Walcott, and the difficulty of not kicking someone in the face.

Fusillade 15: Transfer Bonanza

This week on Fusillade, Ted and Thomas talk transfers, and try to keep from openly expressing extraordinary relief that the window is almost over.

Fusillade 14: Season Preview

As the new Arsenal season begins, the guys from The Short Fuse take a look at what's about to happen by answering as many reader questions as possible.

Fusillade 13: The Arteta of War

This week's Fusillade podcast reviews the Manchester City and Wolves wins, and previews today's face-off against Wigan Athletic. Which hopefully will also be a win.

Fusillade 12: UGH

The latest installment of Fusillade features discussion of Arsenal's road tactics and motivation. It's a fun one.

Fusillade 11: Thieran Walgibbs

On this week's Fusillade, we talk Aston Villa, Everton, QPR, and wing play. And mostly manage to stay on topic, somehow.

Fusillade 10: Verminated

Newcastle has been Verminated. Who's going to get the next one? Rosicky? Chamakh? HLEB?!

Fusillade 9: Valor in Defeat

This week's Fusillade is mostly spent in disbelief at Arsenal's last two wins, the manner in which they came, and how good Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is. It's a fun one.

Fusillade, Episode 8: 5-2, Even Rosicky Scored!

Episode 8 of Fusillade, an Arsenal podcast, focuses on the North London derby


Fusillade, Episode 7: Everything Was Awful And It All Hurt

Fusillade, Episode 7: Everything Was Awful And It All Hurt: The podcast review Arsenal's awful week.

Fusillade VI: Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

The guys discuss the last-minute win on Sunderland's beet patch, Thierry Henry's unadulterated awesomeness, and the specter (spectre?) of AC Milan looming.

Fusillade, Episode 5: Better Late Than Never

Fusillade, an Arsenal Podcast, Episode 5: Better Late Than Never

Fusillade, Episode 4: Winning and Sagna Are Bac, but Jack has a setback

Fusillade, An Arsenal Podcast: Episode 4 Aidan and Ted discuss Arsenal's dramatic come from behind victory, Jack Wilshere, Arsenal's ambitions and more.


Should fans boo their team mid-game? Is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain the future or the present for Arsenal? We'll answer those questions and like one other thing. Because they're complicated.

Fusillade 2: The Michael Owen Injury Watch

The Short Fuse crew was a little shell-shocked from the Swansea loss, so they talked it out. Luckily there are always Michael Owen jokes to cheer us up.

Fusillade 1: Return of the King

This week on Fusillade, we actually managed to get all four of us on the thing at the same time. The results were less cluttered than you might expect. Also we all have pretty cool-sounding...

FUSILLADE: an Arsenal podcast for your ears

You know how a lot of blogs have podcasts that supplement the textual content they produce with some sweet, sweet audio content? And you know how to this point, The Short Fuse hadn't been one of...

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