English Premier League

Olivier Giroud Reportedly Offered, Agreed New Deal

Two more years for the French striker? Oui, s'il vous plait!

Southampton May Not Sell Schneiderlin

If Twitter is to be believed, Schneiderlin and Rodriguez are staying put.

Carl Jenkinson May Be On His Way Out The Door


Things are a bit crowded at Colney, or at least they were.

Arsenal In For Southampton Player(s)?

Buy one, get two!

Premier League Soccer Coming To A Theater Near You

NBC innovates again, in a pretty cool way.

Nice Job: Ospina Reportedly Signs With Arsenal


The backup keeper we all thought Arsenal needed is here.

Arsenal Fanshare Scheme Ceases To Exist


Want to be a fractional owner of Arsenal? Too late.

Norwich City 0 - 2 Arsenal: Instant Reaction


That just about wraps things up...oh wait, the FA Cup Final. Right. So!

Norwich City vs. Arsenal Preview: Day in the Park


A brief little runout before the real action next weekend at Wembley.

The FA Sees A Problem And Solves It Badly


The FA need to increase the number of English players at the top level. Here's a master class on how not to do it.

What Do You Want To See On Sunday?

Does this game matter to you, or are you focused on the 17th?

Arsenal secure highest points total in six years

After a tumultuous season, Arsenal are set to surprisingly finish with the highest points total in six years

Arsenal vs. Newcastle United: Match Thread And TV


Let's get this week started off right, shall we?

Arsenal vs. Newcastle United: Match Preview

The Barcodes come to London trying to turn the end of their season around.

Weekend Games Open Thread


Since Arsenal don't play till Monday, we can talk about other games in the meantime.

Bacary Sagna Probably Won't Be Back, And That's OK


Sagna has reportedly turned down Arsenal's latest, most improved contract offer.

Open Football Thread 4/21/2014

Let's talk about the games going on this week!

Hull City 0-3 Arsenal: Reaction


Arsenal comfortably won 3-0 against Hull City

Arsenal vs. Hull City: Match Preview and TV

An Easter Sunday game that doesn't involve chocolate, bunnies, or that stupid plastic Easter grass.

Arsenal vs. West Ham: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Here are some things that happened yesterday, categorized by your friendly neighborhood soccer analysts.

Arsenal vs. West Ham: Match Thread and TV


Since they're going to the trouble of having a match, let's talk about it.

Arsenal vs. West Ham: match preview

Back to the grind, and all that.

Arsenal To Replace Giroud With Lukaku?


Because early transfer talk is sure a whole lot of fun!

Everton 3 - 0 Arsenal: How Do We Kill It


In April, nobody can hear you scream (because you're all alone in the world).

Arsenal's Greatest Goal Celebrations


After the last few games, it's time we take a look at something more fun: The goal celebration.

Arsenal 1-1 Manchester City: match report

Well, that could have been a lot worse!

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