Pogba Available? Juve President Admits "Big Offer" Could Land Him At Arsenal

Antoine Antoniol

French midfielder Paul Pogba, believed to be an Arsenal target, could leave The Old Lady if the right offer comes in -- according to a Guardian article.

In assessing likely transfer targets for Arsenal, current Juventus and French national team starlet Paul Pogba ticks off all the speculative "What would Wenger want?" boxes. French national? Check. 20 years old? Check. Adding steel to the defensive midfield position? Check. There are also rumors that Arsenal was in for him last summer during the pre-Özil cavalcade of ultimately-unfulfilled signing rumors.

Now, according to the Guardian, there's hope that Arsenal can bring Pogba back to the Premier League. Juve president Andrea Agnelli is quoted by the relatively-reputable newspaper as saying that Pogba could leave the Serie A giants if the price is right. The article's key quote speaks to the challenges of keeping teams financially afloat in Italy, and doesn't specifically say Pogba's for sale, but it's hint-hint enough for the Guardian to run with it.

"If I was to judge it from a footballers' point of view, Italy is no longer the final destination but a transit destination," he said of the fall in Serie A's standing at the Leaders in Football conference.

"I am trying to think what will be of us in two or three years' time if we get a massive offer for one of the best talents we have today, Pogba, the French 20-year-old.

"Would we be able to retain him? I don't know. I don't think at the moment we have the strength to retain such a player.

"Look at what happened to Milan. They had to give away Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to pay the cheques.

"At the end of the day you can be attractive, but you also need to have the economic strength."

Then again, this comes on the heels of a Sky Sports report that Pogba's happy at Juve and can't imagine going anywhere else, as well as Patrice Evra moaning to multiple sources (including the Daily Mail) that Pogba should have never left Manchester United. (It seems like David Moyes, still new to this whole bidding-for-available-players-with-actual-money thing, might want to add Pogba to a squad that's still starting Tom Cleverley regularly.)

And then there's a little matter of valuation -- Pogba's agent, the quite-reasonable-sounding Mino Raiola, thinks Pogba is worth two Bales, which works out to £172 million, €200 million, or $262.6 million, depending on what makes you spit-take the most.

At any rate, the build-up to January just got a little more intriguing.

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