Arsenal Reviews

2014 Arsenal Player Reviews: Aaron Ramsey

Two-nil down, three-two up, Aaron Ramsey won us the cup.

Yaya Sanogo season review


A review of Arsenal's young striker

Arsenal Player Reviews: Nicklas Bendtner

He existed, which is more that can be said for some.

Per Mertesacker season review


The season reviews get back underway with Arsenal's German centre back.

Mikel Arteta season review


Arsenal's vice-captain gets reviewed.

2014 Arsenal Player Reviews: Mathieu Flamini


"And then he wrote in my yearbook....he just wrote 'I will blind you, see you this summer hopefully!' and signed his name in spit"

2014 Arsenal Player Reviews: Carl Jenkinson


We accept him one of us we accept him one of us gobble gobble

2014 Arsenal Player Review: Thomas Vermaelen


So long, cap'n.

Koscielny Season Review

A review of Arsenal's #6

2104 Arsenal Player Review: Bacary Sagna


The departing defender gets a grade.

2014 Arsenal Player Review: Wojciech Szczesny


We look back at the season, player by player.

2014 Arsenal Player Reviews: Abou Diaby


You've got to start somewhere.

Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur: Match Report

This is a lot of words to basically say "inevitable".

Fulham 1-3 Arsenal: Quick recap


Arsenal take home three points as they start the move away from last weekend's disastrous result

Arsenal Player Review: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


We're in the home stretch of player reviews now, and it's AOC's turn.

Player Review: Aaron Ramsey


Everyone's favorite Welshman is next up for his turn on the Hot Seat, as he passes under The Short Fuse's scrutiny.

Arsenal Player Review: Santi Cazorla


Who can turn the world on with [his] smile? Who can take a nothing ball, and make it all worthwhile? Well IT'S SANTI, AND YOU SHOULD KNOW IT.

Arsenal Player Review: Tomas Rosicky


Tomas Rosicky repeated 2012 in 2013. That's partially good.

Arsenal Player Review: Jack Wilshere

Let's review Jack Wilshere's 2012-13 season, shall we?

Arsenal Player Review: Francis Coquelin

It's time to review the performance of Francis Coquelin. Huzzah?

Player Review: Mikel Arteta


TSF reviews Mikel Arteta's extremely consistent and professional campaign.

Arsenal Player Review: Abou Diaby

Let's talk about Abou Diaby, but don't raise your voice because it might injure him.

Player Review: Andre Santos


Andre Santos was a thing that happened to all of us. Let's relive it one more time.

Arsenal Player Review: Nacho Monreal

TSF discuss the season Nacho Monreal had once he was brought in.

Arsenal Player Review: Kieran Gibbs

Today we talk about one of Arsenal's most solid defenders.

Arsenal Player Review: Thomas Vermaelen

The captain had a...season. Let's talk about it!

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