Arsenal Man Of The Match

Man of the Match: Santi Cazorla

The Spaniard turned in a fantastic performance, resulting in Arsenal turning a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 win.

FA Cup Man of the Match: Lukasz Fabianski


When you need to not be down 3-0 early to a team that spanked you badly eight days before, who [sic] you gonna call? Wookash, is whom.

Man of the Match: Santi Cazorla


Two goals will, a lot of the time, get you an award like this.

Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham: Man of the Match

If it were "Fingers of the Match," Theo Walcott's right index and middle digits would win going away.

Man of the Match: Nicklas Bendtner

The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived strikes again.

Man of the Match: Mikel Arteta


It wasn't an easy decision, but a superb performance from Mikel Arteta gave Arsenal the base to beat Liverpool.

MOTM: Serge Gnabry


E pluribus unum. There were several possible choices, but the youngster gets the nod.

Man of the Match: Santi Cazorla


The Arsenal midfielder didn't score, but he did just about everything else.

Man of the Match: Laurent Koscielny


One of the top performers all season capped off his 2012-13 campaign with a £30million goal.

Arsenal Man of the Match


Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla makes this an easy choice for us today with his performance in Arsenal's 2-0 win away at Swansea

Man of the Match v Bayern: Koscielny


Arsenal's best centre back gets the award today.

Santi Cazorla, Man of the Match


A double-goal performance sees Santi Cazorla win the prestigious The Short Fuse man of the match award.

Arsenal Man of the Match: Bacary Sagna, CB?


I know, I know. We're all a little surprised too!

Arsenal Man of the Match: Olivier Giroud


He's so handsome!

Theo Walcott: Man Of The Match vs. Newcastle

Theo Walcott closes out 2012 as The Short Fuse's choice for Man of the Match.

Man of the Match and Good, Bad, Ugly vs. Reading


We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly from Arsenal's win over Reading, and declare our Man of the Match.

Man of the Match versus Villa: Aaron Ramsey

On an evening with a lot of poor performances, Ramsey easily stood out as Arsenal's best player.

Santi Cazorla, Man Of The Match.


We celebrate Arsenal's win and Cazorla's performance as Man Of The Match in the game against Spurs.

Man of the Match, Reading: Theo Walcott


Theo saved everyone's bacon against Reading. Three goals and three assists? Man of the dang match, everybody.

Man Of The Match: Arsenal v. QPR


TSF's authors award their prestigious and exclusive Man Of The Match award.

Man of the Match: Olivier Giroud


Since coming to Arsenal, Olivier Giroud has impressed those with a subtle football palate. Now he looks ready to entertain the masses.

Man of the Match: YOU DECIDE


There wasn't really a standout player in particular against Olympiakos on Wednesday, so we want to know who you think shone the brightest.

Arsenal Man of the Match: Carl Jenkinson


Arsenal struggled against Montpellier on Tuesday, but still came away with the win. Carl Jenkinson was the biggest reason why, we argue.

Arsenal Man of the Match: Gervinho


For today's man of the match, we selected Gervinho. Do you agree?

Man of the Match: Lukas Podolski


New striker Lukas Podolski was the best man on the pitch for Arsenal yesterday, scoring a goal, assisting another, and playing well in all phases of the game.

Man Of The Match: Mikel Arteta


Mikel Arteta was Arsenal's man of the match against Sunderland, and here's why.

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