World Cup IKTS 2014: Current standings

After watching 48 games of international clashes (ok, I admit I missed about 5 games or so) it's time to take a look at our Short Fuse World Cup I Know The Score competition.


AStar had a very promising start with 29 points after the first few games, but somehow he got lost on the way. sluellwitz and unclf14 grabbed the chance and started a little fight for the top. After the Honduras-Ecuador game sluellwitz was leading by 11 points. Six games later, unclf14 reduced this to 8 points, and another 8 games later unclf14 had tied it up and both had 77 points.

The final game day was sluellwitz' masterpiece, though, as he won back the lead with a gritty 17-points-performance, which, by the way, improved his previous TSFWCIKTS matchday record of 16 points, while unclf14 had a bad day with 8 points.

Some quite educated guesses were given throughout the tournament so far. AStar and sluellwitz were the only ones to predict a win for the Mexicans over Cameroon. Hansdampf was the only one to predict a Dutch win over the reigning World Champions. And, well, nobody saw Costa Rica get a win or even a tie in their clash with Uruguay.

And, once more, nobody expected Chile to send Spain home by winning 2-0, just as everyone was left pointless for their predictions for the games Uruguay-England and Italy-Costa Rica. It has been an exciting World Cup in this regard so far. Matchday 5 was particularly pointless, somehow, as there were no points scored at all in three games (GER-GHA, NIG-BIH, and USA-POR). And unclf14 was the glorious only one who predicted Algeria to win against South Korea, just as hansdampf was the only one to expect Mexico to win against Croatia.


Some of these unexpected performances have led to points lost in the bonus section. Nobody predicted the correct winner of group D, Costa Rica, and if anyone had done it, they would have been called non compos mentis at the least - or they would have gotten close to some fine amount of money as this gentleman in England who bet £5 on Costa Rica winning all three of their group games at odds of 600-1. They only managed a draw against the Three Lions, which resulted in said gentleman losing out on £3000.

Sluellwitz, unclf14 and HoodRiverDuck so far got 24 points out of their bonus questions, and PowderedDonut, AStar and hansdampf got 20 points (me being the only one who saw South Korea finish ahead of Belgium in the group, fail fail).

As it stands, sluellwitz leads with 94 points ahead of unclf14 with 85 points. Hansdampf and HoodRiverDuck are in close pursuit with 83 and 82 points respectively. PowderedDonut is a bit behind with 67 points but shouldn't give up at all, because there are still enough points up for grabs to bring it home - sluellwitz has to perform a bit like Spain for a good part of the Round of 16 and the Quarterfinals, though. As mentioned before, AStar stopped to enter his predictions, and Adnan and Jellmon dropped out more or less from the beginning.

For the knockout stage, keep in mind that the correct end result will be after penalties! So, if you think that a game is tied 2-2 after 120 minutes, and the penalties end 5-4 (one missed/saved penalty), then the correct result will be 7-6!

Good luck everyone!

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