The Short Fuse World Cup 2014 IKTS

Put your Brahma, Caipirinha, Cachaça or Guaraná to the side, turn off the great music for just a moment, and take your eyes off those bundas for a minute. We need YOU to take part in the Short Fuse World Cup 2014 IKTS. In case you don't know, the World Cup takes place in lovely Brazil. If you're not familiar with that country, use this up-to-date stereotype-free ad targeting Americans to refresh your memory.

For this IKTS here, we're going to use the very popular
You can choose English language at the top right corner of the homepage.

Registration is simple:
1) Just enter an e-mail-address of your choice and click the activation link in the e-mail that is sent to you.
2) Go to ==> There, click on Become a member and then choose a screen name. It would be helpful if it actually is or at least contains parts of your TSF nickname.





At this point: congratulations, you just joined the TSF World Cup IKTS!

How does it work?
1) Click on Placing Tips in the left hand menu.
2) Enter your predictions. Make sure to answer the bonus questions BEFORE the kick off of the first game or you miss out on the extra points



Points rules:
Default setting is 2 points per prediction if you guess the right tendency (winner), 3 points if you predict the correct goal difference or a tie with a different amount of goals, and 4 points if you guess the exact result (win or tie).

To elaborate, let's say England wins 3-1 against Italy.

  • If your prediction was 1-0 then you get 2 points.
  • If you predicted 2-0 or 4-2 or 10-8 etc, then you get 3 points.
  • If you predicted 3-1 you get 4 points.If ENG-ITA ends 2-2 and you guessed 0-0, 1-1 or 3-3 etc, then you get 3 points, and if you guessed 2-2, it's 4 points for you.

Right now the setting for the final result is the result after a penalty shoot-out. Obviously, this doesn't apply to the Group stage, but for the knock-out stage. We can change this if you folks prefer a different setting. We have these three options:

  • Result after 90 minutes
  • Result after 120 minutes
  • Result after penalty shoot-out

Personally, I prefer the shoot-out setting, but let me know what you'd rather like out of the three options above.

For each matchday, the system will determine a matchday winner (or two or more). This means that if you get the most points of all players on a given matchday you'll be a 1.0 matchday winner, if you tie with another player you both will be 0.5 matchday winners. Having been a matchday winner will help you in the end in case there is a tie in total points. So, if at the end of the World Cup you end up tied at first place with somebody else, the one of you whose matchday winner number is higher wins the tie.

Bonus questions:
Each correctly answered bonus question will provide you with 4 extra points. The default setting is 5 points, but I changed it to four in order to give it the same value as a correct result. If you think that answering these questions correctly should be valued higher than one correct result, let me know.

I wanted to add some of my own extra questions (such as "Which team will collect the most red cards", "Which goalie will concede the most goals" or "Which Arsenal player will score the most goals"), but I can't add extra questions without setting up the whole tournament myself (which means to edit and organize all matchdays, teams and rosters all by myself). So, I dropped that idea.

If you have any suggestions, or problems or you would like some changes, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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