Well, that felt slightly better, didn't it? We all saw the Gunners we love, convincing and beautiful, beating Everton en route to a Wembley semifinal date. And our little game just keeps getting tighter and tighter at the top, on both the league and the cup fronts. And most importantly, THE IKTSCSBTSFI lives to play another week!

Week 29 (click for spreadsheet)

Points IKTS
unclf14 9 0
Captain Kirk 3 7 1
silverace99 7 1
hansdampf 7 1
Adnan Ilyas 7 1
SteakBaller 6 0
Scrupio 5 0
AndrewMain 5 0
Philly37 5 0
sluellwitz 4 0
PowderedDonut 3 0
HoodRiverDuck 3 0
Astar 3 0
jellomon 2 0
T.Coolguy 1 0
Sam5001 0 0
bmasson11 0 0
rzor 0 0
LePrince 0 0
Harold Harpoon 0 0
bearcatcardfan 0 0
DJ Holm 0 0

THE PODIUM: unclf14 rides the full benefit of his pottymouth to the top of the podium, as explained below. Adnan, silverace99, CK3, and hansdampf just didn't curse enough to make it happen. Pussies come in second, you vaginas.

CLEVER PICK OF THE WEEK: unclf14 picked a twats:cunts draw in this week's yawner between Norwich and Stoke, and goddamnit that's good enough to call a draw and give him a vital two points in his relegation battle. (I mean they are the same thing anatomically, right? I'm a doctor, I know these things!) If only he'd picked twat:cunt I'd have interpreted it as 1-1 and he'd have gotten the full three. Would I have done this if he'd been near the top of the table? YOU GO AHEAD AND GUESS.

CRISIS PICK OF THE WEEK: T.Coolguy went by the tried-and-true law of IKTS: "Everton always ties 1-1" but fortunately (in every other way possible) Arsenal told him to go fuck himself, and stormed the hell into Wembley. I almost named a new award in his honor this week, but the Torvald Coolguy You Heartless Bastard Why Don't You Just Go Root For Tottenham Pick Of The Week seemed too cumbersome a name. Plus I am only good for so many jokes per post, and coming up with one more a week from here on out was a bridge too far.

Philly37 WISHFUL THINKING PICK OF THE WEEK: Adnan Ilyas and the eponymous Philly37 thought we'd repeat our 2-0 Allianz victory of last year. C'est la vie.

Season Standings

Points IKTS
hansdampf 259 30
HoodRiverDuck 257 31
sluellwitz 242 30
SteakBaller 239 27
silverace99 237 26
Scrupio 232 27
Astar 230 26
Captain Kirk 3 229 25
jellomon 223 25
AndrewMain 222 25
T.Coolguy 220 21
Adnan Ilyas 218 24
Philly37 156 17
Sam5001 147 17
PowderedDonut 129 16
bmasson11 105 10
rzor 90 10
LePrince 33 4
unclf14 32 3
Harold Harpoon 25 3
bearcatcardfan 16 1
DJ Holm 8 0

There you have it, hansdampf reclaims his rightful spot atop the season standings with just a couple months left.

IKTS Cup Sponsored by TSF Industries Standings

Points IKTS
sluellwitz 21 4
PowderedDonut 18 4
SteakBaller 18 3
HoodRiverDuck 17 4
Scrupio 16 2
Astar 15 3
Captain Kirk 3 15 2
AndrewMain 14 3
silverace99 14 2
hansdampf 14 1
Philly37 13 3
Adnan Ilyas 13 2
T.Coolguy 10 2
jellomon 10 1
Sam5001 10 1
bmasson11 5 1
unclf14 3 0
rzor 2 0
LePrince 2 0
Harold Harpoon 2 0
bearcatcardfan 2 0
DJ Holm 2 0

sluellwitz only got one point from two cup games to choose from, and we still couldn't pass him. He's really going to rub our noses in that one once he claims his imaginary trophy after a game or two in Wembley.

What's this, a normal slate of ten league games to pick? Culminating in Sunday afternoon's NLD, which is asure to liven up the weekly competition for the Philly37 award?


Week 30 (All times Eastern)

Saturday, March 15:
Hull City vs Manchester City, 8:45am, NBCSN
Everton vs Cardiff, 11am, TBD
Fulham vs Newcastle, 11am, TBD
Southampton vs Norwich, 11am, TBD
Stoke vs West Ham, 11am, TBD
Sunderland vs Crystal Palace, 11am, TBD
Swansea vs West Brom, 11am, TBD
Aston Villa vs Chelsea, 1:30pm, NBCSN

Sunday, March 16:
Manchester United vs Liverpool, 9:30am, NBCSN
Spurs vs Arsenal, Noon, NBCSN



Hull City vs Manchester City
Everton vs Cardiff
Fulham vs Newcastle
Southampton vs Norwich
Stoke vs West Ham
Sunderland vs Crystal Palace
Swansea vs West Brom
Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Manchester United vs Liverpool
Spurs vs Arsenal

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