Liverpool condemn Arsenal to fourth place, My Column:

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

REACTION from Anfield

As with any major sporting event,  Liverpool's 5-1 thrashing of Premier League leaders Arsenal has seen a lot of impressively drawn conclusions. Here are my hot takes, put into 140 characters for authenticity:

"Wilshere's performance once we were 5-0 down shows why he's got to be the captain for me. He gets it. Mertesacker and Arteta don't."--@GoonerPassion19

"Giroud is woeful. Missed chance at 1-0 fed negativity into the rest of the team, clear reason for losing 5-0. Has to be replaced immediately"--@DeepLyingFantsista4

"All Wenger's fault for me. If we don't win on Wednesday, he's got to go. Hasn't a clue"--@PigHero32

"Gotta blame the medical staff. It's their fault we didn't have Walcott, Ramsey, Flamini, Vermaelen and Özil is clearly in the red zone."--@MedicalInsiderLondon

"I know Flamini was suspended. I know what I know. #afc"--@MedicalInsiderLondon

"Mertesacker and Koscielny are bang average. I'd take Vidic and Lescott in the summer over them to be honest"--@SongsHair17

"Özil not clapping the fans who got up at 5 in the morning is a disgrace. I'd send him to the U-21s, show him who's boss. Weak Wenger won't."--@BouldFlickOns

"After 5-0 defeat, hard to see Arsenal reviving. All down to transfer window. Wenger must be worried. Chelsea and City to run away #afc"--@TomThomasGuardian

"There's a clear problem with the way we start away games. Too slow out of the blocks--see City, Soton and now Liverpool (1/5)"

"If we're to win the title (and we still can), we need to play differently away from home. Control the game early, and we have to be able to withstand pressure (2/5)"

"Too often when we go down in away games, we fling men forward, and become super open. Happened today. Wilshere drove forward (3/5)"

"Leaving Arteta on his own. Fullbacks flew forward too--Monreal and Sagna were poor for me. At 1-0, we should've tried to control and not necessarily (4/5)"

"Come back and score right away. If it's 1-0 at HT, we have a chance. 2-0 at HT, slim. 3-0+, no chance. Have to learn from this. Wednesday is massive (5/5)"--@ArsenalAnalysis

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