Player Ratings Versus Crystal Palace

Starting Eleven

Handled the ball well, had a great save on a header around the 50 minute mark. Well-deserved clean sheet. 8.0

Played well defensively and was always there to break up a counter attack with well time challenges. Could have looked to put in more crosses especially with our stagnant first half 7.5

BFG with a good game, much like Koscielny. They just have such a great partnership and are so reliable in the air. 8

Its always great when you don’t notice your CB’s, it usually means they didn’t do anything wrong. Great in the back, moved the ball forward well when he was asked to. Also nearly had his first goal of the season off a well placed header. 8

Neither fullback provided much danger with their crosses. Nacho looked to get behind the defense and posed a danger moving forward. No real complaints defensively. 7.5

Moving forward is his strength, he has some noticeable holes when he has to make a play defensively. Both goals were an examples of high football IQ exemplifying patience and skill. Great second half. 8

His lack of pace is noticeable at times, but he provides a perfect balance when paired with an attacking partner (like Ox today) in the pivot. 7

Only player the first half who posed some danger. Had a fantastic weighted pass to Monreal early. Covered a lot of ground. Solid game. 7.5

Pretty lame first half, not very noticeable. Second half was a complete turn around, solid overall performance. Had a great tackle in our box to clear danger at one point. Sublime assist for Chambo’s first goal. 7.5

Invisible the first half, and when visible the second half he didn’t make the most of his opportunities. Those calling for him to start would have asked for better. 6

Did well in link up play. Spent a lot of time on the floor during the first half. Had a nice layoff for Ox’s second goal. Overall an uninspiring game, you want your striker to be more dangerous than this performance. 6.5


Came in for Podolski. Nice to see him back, he provides a nice change of pace in the middle and even out wide.

Took off Ozil to get his feet wet. I expect him to start the next match.

Came in for Giroud. #LordBendtner

Game in 140 Characters
Lacked wide play the 1st half with no one breaking the defensive line. 2nd half Ox took it upon himself to change the game. Back on top.

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