Wow. That was one festive season. It seemed like we were spiraling negatively when a strange calm arose, everyone got injured, and despite that we managed to win our last four matches. Anyway, big turnout this week and everyone scored a lot of points. I think Brad will have a pick Fanpost up later this week. On to the honors.

Week 20 (Clicky clicky)

Points IKTS
Astar 15 3
hansdampf 15 3
bmasson11 12 2
HoodRiverDuck 12 2
Scrupio 12 2
jellomon 10 2
Sam5001 10 1
PowderedDonut 9 2
sluellwitz 9 2
AndrewMain 6 1
silverace99 6 0
Philly37 5 0
T.Coolguy 5 0
Captain Kirk 3 4 0
Adnan Ilyas 2 0

THE PODIUM: So many people up there. AStar and hansdampf up top and then three of us elbowing each other off of the bronze tier. (Actually, the podium collapsed because all of us had eaten so much holiday pie, and it wasn't meant to hold five fat people.)

CLEVER PICK OF THE WEEK: jellomon, a huge rugby fan by the way, loves the way Stoke plays, and ever so cleverly picked them to draw 1-1 to Everton. Nobody else scored.

CRISIS PICK OF THE WEEK: I took this one because I'm stupid, and I really felt like City was due to drop some points, so I picked Swansea to hold them at home. Everyone else scored something. (With that pick, I'm also claiming a new prize this week, the aptly-named Philly37 Wishful Thinking Pick Of The Week.)

Season Standings

Points IKTS
hansdampf 195 24
HoodRiverDuck 186 21
sluellwitz 178 20
silverace99 175 17
Captain Kirk 3 170 18
jellomon 169 20
Scrupio 169 19
SteakBaller 163 17
Adnan Ilyas 162 18
AndrewMain 154 18
Astar 153 15
T.Coolguy 149 12
Philly37 122 14
Sam5001 109 13
rzor 90 10
bmasson11 79 8
PowderedDonut 76 9
LePrince 32 4
Harold Harpoon 25 3
bearcatcardfan 16 1
DJ Holm 8 0

A little more separation at the very top, but gosh this year just seems so much closer than previous years.

IKTS Cup Sponsored by TSF Industries Standings

Points IKTS
sluellwitz 15 3
HoodRiverDuck 12 3
PowderedDonut 12 3
Scrupio 11 1
hansdampf 9 1
silverace99 9 1
Captain Kirk 3 9 1
AndrewMain 8 2
Philly37 8 2
Adnan Ilyas 8 1
jellomon 7 1
SteakBaller 7 1
Sam5001 7 1
T.Coolguy 6 1
Astar 5 0
rzor 2 0
bmasson11 2 0
Harold Harpoon 2 0
bearcatcardfan 2 0
LePrince 1 0
DJ Holm 1 0

Hey! This looks different! Everyone scored some points on the absolute thrashing we put on our unruly neighbors. That was fun, eh? AND WE DON'T NEED NO STEENKING STRIKERS.

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