IKTS Week 22 Report - ONWARD

In lieu of having to think of clever new jokes this week, I'm going to substitute this neat-o GIF.



Week 22 (Click for spreadsheet)

Points IKTS
T.Coolguy 14 2
Adnan Ilyas 13 2
Scrupio 13 2
jellomon 12 1
Astar 11 1
PowderedDonut 11 1
sluellwitz 11 1
HoodRiverDuck 10 1
silverace99 7 1
SteakBaller 7 1
hansdampf 7 0
AndrewMain 6 0
Sam5001 6 0
Captain Kirk 3 4 0
LePrince 1 0

THE PODIUM: Ladies, form a line to my left for makeouts! Dudes, form a line to my right for highfives! Yes, I've been waiting for a long time to use that joke, and finally Torvald Coolguy, aka Strong Bad, has made it happen. Adnan and Scrupio share the silver tier, leaving the bronze tier so very lonely.

CLEVER PICK OF THE WEEK: Scrupio took all three points from Palace's win over Stoke, and the rest of us were shut out. We didn't mind of course, because it meant Stoke lost.

CRISIS PICK OF THE WEEK: PowderedDonut LOVES the pluck of this Manchester United Midtable Club™, so thought they had a chance to at least draw with Chelsea. The rest of us are cynical bastards and will score the damn points any way we please, thank you very much.

Philly37 WISHFUL THINKING PICK OF THE WEEK: Nobody did anything funny or foolish enough to warrant the granting of this most prestigious award. LOL HARDER NEXT TIME OK.

Season Standings

Points IKTS
hansdampf 216 27
HoodRiverDuck 208 23
sluellwitz 200 23
silverace99 196 21
Scrupio 195 23
jellomon 187 21
Adnan Ilyas 183 20
Captain Kirk 3 183 19
SteakBaller 182 20
T.Coolguy 176 15
AndrewMain 173 19
Astar 172 16
Philly37 122 14
Sam5001 115 13
PowderedDonut 94 11
bmasson11 91 9
rzor 90 10
LePrince 33 4
Harold Harpoon 25 3
bearcatcardfan 16 1
DJ Holm 8 0

Little bit separation this week, still too close to call.

IKTS Cup Sponsored by TSF Industries Standings

Points IKTS
sluellwitz 16 3
PowderedDonut 14 3
HoodRiverDuck 13 3
Scrupio 12 1
Adnan Ilyas 11 2
hansdampf 11 1
SteakBaller 10 2
silverace99 10 1
Captain Kirk 3 10 1
T.Coolguy 9 2
AndrewMain 9 2
Philly37 8 2
jellomon 8 1
Astar 8 1
Sam5001 8 1
LePrince 2 0
bearcatcardfan 2 0
bmasson11 2 0
Harold Harpoon 2 0
rzor 2 0
DJ Holm 1 0

Powdered Donut makes the power move into second, and I'm wondering why the hell Ozil couldn't have scored that fifth goal in stoppage time? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Week 23 Picks: Brad's got a post up right here.

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