Our Most Memorable Moments

In 127 years time, the Arsenal have made plenty of history and memories, good and bad, for themselves, their fans, and the football world. I've been an avid fan now for eight years, and that number will continue to grow no doubt, and in a seemingly short time span, I've garnered my own memories, probably more so than any other team I follow. Surely I've missed out on some great history, like Thomas' goal to seal the league title back in '89, the ensuing fish flop celebration as well, the hiring of Arsene Wenger, the league and FA titles to follow that as well. Even worse, I missed out on some great years, years of potentially watching Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera, and the likes go on to take a whole season completely unbeaten. It happens to be one of my goals in life to watch every single match of that 49 game unbeaten streak. With all that being said, here's some of my fondest, and not so fond memories of this glorious club. Feel absolutely free to share yours as well.

Jens Lehmann's red card in the CL final against Barcelona (2006) - Also memorable for being the first time ever having to replace a television remote, because I broke it by throwing it at the floor...

Sol Campbell's goal at the end of the first half of that same CL final - In which I was sort of wishing I hadn't had broken the remote earlier so I could jack up the volume.

Highbury's last match - I put this one here because it wasn't really the emotional aspect for me, I hadn't been following Arsenal for even a year by this point, but rather the feeling that a brighter future lay ahead for the club at the corporately named Emirates Stadium. To this day, I still hope that it will be renamed Ashburton Grove.

June 25th, 2007 - Henry gets transferred to Barcelona - It was kind of ironic, because the day before I had just broken up with my first girlfriend after nine months. Not surprisingly, I took the Henry transfer even worse. She was kind of a bitch anyways, young love...

The 07-08 season - In what was predicted to end up as overall shit season, started off awesome, really awesome. 25+ games completely unbeaten in which everyone was wondering if the Invincibles could be reincarnated. Alas, Eduardo's tragic injury up at Birmingham set ourselves back in their respective places, and the second half slump started what would be a continuing trend for a few years to come.

Aaron Ramsey's horrific injury (February 27th, 2010) - Until Kevin Ware's injury this past spring, maybe the worst injury I'd ever watch live in a sporting event, or at least one that didn't turn out to be fatal.

Same match, Cesc Fabregas' penalty with what ended up being on a broken leg - Fuck you Ryan Shawcross, and fuck you Stoke, suck it.

Andrey Arshavin's game winner against Barcelona - One of three memorable moments of that season, and quite possibly my favorite. I don't think I've ever been more happy about a goal than when Nasri passed off to Arshavin and he curled it in, I'm pretty sure my 5'7" self almost hit the ceiling, and I surely lost my own socks in the process.

Arsenal 4-4 Newcastle - Seriously, what a complete shit show...

Arsenal loses to Birmingham City in the Carling Cup Final - See directly above

August 15th, 2011 - Fabregas heads out to Barcelona - Deep down, I knew it was coming, maybe as far back as two seasons before, it was practically inevitable and I couldn't really blame him, Arsenal were basically in shambles by this point and Cesc had always wanted to return home. Either way, with it being so close to the start of the season, it pretty much dropped all hopes for me for that entire year, until...

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal - Christ almighty...

The 2012 Comeback - Nobody saw it coming, I certainly didn't, and I don't think anybody here really did either. It was a serious tear of wins and points, and even though it resulted in us being eliminated from all three tournaments, the EPL season during this point felt like euphoria, something to prove critics wrong, and show everybody that we were back. And RVP, all those years we spent wondering, and he delivered like we always hoped he would.

RVP walks to Manchester United - Except for this part, fucking hell...

The reemergence of Sir Aaron Ramsey - Honestly, I've had a lot of favorite players at this club, Henry (obviously), Fabregas, van Persie, Wilshere, Cazorla, and Mertesacker to name a few, but I feel like Aaron Ramsey holds his own special place, for what he's been through and what he's truly turned out to be.

Chelsea's win over Bayern Munich in the CL final - Because what list of recent Arsenal memories wouldn't be complete without a trolling of the Spuds.

The signing of Mesut Özil - I'll let history write for itself...

IKTS will be up later today, for those wondering.

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