MLS Gameday 8/24

Looks like a good week for MLS Games. Real Salt Lake is in the game of the week, and even though they're coming off a midweek game, they are always a joy to watch. There is also a would be a relegation zone match if MLS had relegation in Toronto vs DC, but fortunately for those outside of the DC metro area or Ontario, we can direct our attention to other games.

Stream of the Week: Real Salt Lake vs Columbus

Real Salt Lake played a 3-3 draw midweek against Portland, snatching a late goal from Cole Grossman. While I've always thought Cole Grossman is a better name for a really white lounge singer who sings with an unnaturally deep voice, he looked like a pretty good footballer this week too. Not sure if we'll see him again, RSL have been a bit injury hit and with a midweek game he was most likely playing to rest others, but if any team in MLS have the depth to come in guns blazing after a tough midweek draw, it is Real Salt Lake. Columbus are the kind of team that most likely drive their fans crazy, they lose games they should win, win games they should lose and draw... well, I guess they draw the games they should draw. Look for Federico Higuain to play a good game for the first sixty minutes before he's snapped up by Napoli, creating the opportunity Salt Lake need to win the game.

Other Games

Chicago vs Sporting: Technically, this is a friday game. That doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it, but it isn't part of the Saturday gameday. Chicago manages a draw here, because fortunately their playing staff is much better at soccer than their communications director is at writing blog posts.

Montreal vs Houston: I am always reluctant to pick Houston to win on the road over good teams, but I'm not 100% sure that at the moment, Montreal is a good team. So draw.

DC United vs Toronto: I can't believe I'm typing this, but DC United win. In fairness, I'm not sure I could have believed it if I had typed "Toronto win" either.

Vancouver vs LA Galaxy: The last time these two teams played, Russell Teibert did this. If he does that again, everyone's a winner. He probably won't because goals that fantastic don't really happen that often, so I'm going with a draw.

FC Dallas vs San Jose: San Jose have got enough points out of their recent run of games to give their fanbase a fleeting hope that the season isn't a lost cause, while FC Dallas' recent performances seem to be doing everything they can to convince their fanbase that they won't be going to the playoffs. Draw.

Chivas USA vs New York: It's Thierry Henry vs Racism! Guess in this circumstance, it's okay to pick the Red Bulls to win.

New England vs Philadelphia: The two teams have split the series so far, with each team taking the game at home. That was New England's first win over Philadelphia in the history of the two franchises, but Philadelphia have never had to contend with Juan Agudelo in Revs colors before. New England will win, and everybody (except the Union) win if we get another dose of South American Swag.

Seattle vs Portland: Clint Dempsey is pretty much gasoline on the hottest rivalry in MLS. Portland played a midweek match, but there is no chance they're not fired up for this. Timbers win.

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