Fans Are Too Quick to Jump the Gun During The Window

The transfer period has been torturous for Arsenal fans this summer. I believe it's been even worse to experience this summer than it has any other summer and I believe there's a reason why, and that's because fans are far too quick to jump the mark and become severely gullible to every rumour being spun and recycled every day.

We've been told we were in for Jovetic, Rooney, Fabregas, Higuain, Bernard, Suarez and recently Gustavo and now Michu. Fans have literally anticipated every rumour, refreshing their timelines like a child checks the clock at Christmas waiting to be told that Santa has arrived. But for Arsenal fans, Santa is stuck in the chimney. We've gotten rid of well over 25 players (youngsters and players loaned included) but we've only had one player come in, and that's Sanogo on a free. Yes, we're right to be frustrated that whilst every other club has been busy so far we've been pretty quiet. But we're not the only ones to have been like this. Manchester United has as well, and they've been pretty unsuccessful with their chase of Fabregas - andMoyes looks like quite the laughing stock. And yet other fans seem to be targeting Arsenal fans for our lack of activity when United have been just as quiet. I'm not saying we should mock other fans for their activity, and I'm aware it's all part of "banter" being a Gooner and football supporter of 19 years myself.

There are exactly 15 days to the end of the window. Arsene says there will be some players brought in, and I believe that. I know we're very late to the party, but I do believe there will be players. I'm disappointed as much as anyone. It's depressing to see everyone get their cake and eat it yet we haven't even got a slice of the satisfaction of even signing a more than good player, and it is annoying. I'm not going to slag Arsene or the board off, I do believe we should have gotten players way earlier - I'm not a "WOB" nor am I an "AKB", I'm a Gooner - plain and simple. But I do think the board and Arsene know what they're doing. I will criticise and praise either when I think it's the right time to pass judgement and right now isn't the time for that. I want the best for our club, and I believe we will bring in players. We do need them, our squad is exceedingly thin and it's perfectly normal to worry that we won't have enough players to field come the start of the season which is looming on us on the weekend.

It's even more normal to slightly panic knowing Arteta is going to be out for long period, as well as no Vermaelen or Monreal. These are normal things to worry about. But you have to remember the players we do have left are definitely more than good enough to get the job done. I'll admit that I am scared that with our luck that our squad will just keep getting thinner and thinner, but I don't think we should scream and throw our toys out of the pram just yet. I've said before that I think our priorities should lay with a centre midfielder (as everyone has kindly noted before), and a lot more defensive cover.

If Gibbs is injured in the next few weeks whilst Nacho still isn't back, we have no one. Not even Miquel to cover as he's gone on loan to Leicester City.

We also have to consider options regarding our centre-backs, Koscielny and Mertesacker. Sagna has stated that he'd be willing to play there in if needed, but what if Jenkinson or Sagna pick up knocks before we've brought in any cover? We'd have to turn to our youth players. Players who might not be ready to step up to the mark just yet, the type of players who need loan experience before they can tackle the first team - if they're even considered good enough just yet. I do think Bellerin will make it someday, but right now I don't think he'd be ready to fight it out with the top dogs in the Premier League.

I'm not as worried over the striker position as everyone else seems to be flailing over. I'm astounded as to how some people are acting. Yes, we do need another striker but I think now Giroud and Podolski are finally settling into the way of the English game and the standards here that they'll come good.

And as for the goalkeeper position, I'm not as worried as I was about Scz and Fabianski having it out (competitively and footbally-speaking) for the number one shirt. Scz is reliable, but can be too over-confident I find. Whilst Fabianski's form and how he plays hugely relies on how much confidence the fans have in him. He's been showing good things in pre-season, claiming crosses and balls effectively even if he has at times shown his old-not-so-great self I still think there is a lot to come from Fabianski and I believe that this is the season that he can really compete with Scz and show Arsene and the rest of us what he can do.

These are all good things to consider and worry about as a fan, but I don't think we should go overboard and send constant abuse to the Arsenal twitter account just because we haven't bought anyone - that's just embarrassing and frankly immature to see.

Many of us, me included, have wanted Arsene to sell or get rid of players who are no longer effective for us (please don't say that horrid terminology that everyone else has) and need to be moved on. He has done that, albeit a bit later than we have all been asking for - but he has done it. And it takes time to get deals wrapped up. Be aware of that. I'm sure Arsene is working himself harder than ever to make sure our squad is ready and we have enough cover. I'm not trying to defend him, nor am I saying that we'll get a world-class player in. But I think he will get those two-three players in like he said he will, but he has also said it depends on the quality of the players more than how many he brings in. I like that. I like that he thinks of the type of player that he wants to play for us more than how many random number of players he'll bring in. We do deserve players of Suarez, Higuain and Gustavo's calibre and I know we shouldn't always be trying to get the "best" bargain, but sometimes you get gems out there like Koscielny, Giroud and Santi for lesser prices - not saying that this how we should always approach the market, either. The man knows what he's doing, and if it doesn't work come mid-season or the end of it, then that'll be the right time to judge for me. That'll be when I decide whether or not to criticise or praise the manager. If results aren't going our way (and if who we have or haven't brought in is a factor to that), then that'll be the deciding factor for me. Not our transfer budget or how much we've spent in comparison to Man City or Chelsea.

All I'm asking is for other fans to keep calm, and see what Wenger does in these last two weeks. I know we've all been waiting a long time but patience is a virtue, and those who are impatient do not get what they want. So to summarise this post, yes it's worrying and hugely frustrating we haven't brought anyone in but I'm sure we will, and we need to look at this transfer window with clarity instead of believing all the rumours out there then jumping on the club and manager's back just because the player has chosen another club.

Thanks for the read (even though it's quite long-winded and somewhat repetitive at times), and if you disagree with it then fair enough. I'm open to all opinions and comments. Let me know your thoughts and whatnot etc, just keep the abuse low. ;)

Let's all look to the weekend and get those 3pts! Up the Arsenal!

- Jane

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