Welcome to the 3rd season of I Know The Score

We're back! So let's just put all of our stressful transfer musings aside and get down to some real business, the business of correctly guessing matches for only a pat on the back as a reward. There's going to be some changes this year, one of them is effective immediately, the other one is up to you guys. First, a review of the rules...

Basically, I'll post a list of EPL fixtures every week, and you guys just guess what the score is. You earn 3 points and one mark for a correctly guessed scoreline, 2 points for a correct margin of victory in your scoreline, and 1 point for correctly guessing the winner. So, for example...

You predict Arsenal will beat Tottenham 3-1:

  • The actual score ends up as Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham, you earn 3 points and one mark (all correctly guessed matches like these earn a mark, I don't know why I call it that, but I use it as a tiebreaker in the event that people tie on points, which happens often)
  • The actual score ends up Arsenal 4-2 Tottenham, you earn 2 points for correctly guessing the winner of the match and the correct margin of victory.
  • The actual score ends up Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham, you earn 1 point for correctly guessing the winner of the match
  • Obviously, if it ends up as a draw, or Tottenham wins by any score, you get no points.

Its a pretty simple concept, the scores add up each week, and at the end of the year, we get a champion. I also post a weekly report that usually goes along with the next week's fixtures that shows the results of the prior week and the season totals. And now, some FAQ's, because odds are we'll have some rookies.

Do I have to be a regular at TSF to play?

Of course not, as far as I know, we've had people from other sites come over and play on a regular basis, in fact, our first champion was a Chelsea supporter. His trophy consisted of a paper bag filled with dog shit and a picture of John Terry falling over taped onto it though.

What do I get out of it for winning?

I don't know, a pat on the back? The right to brag? Go make yourself a t-shirt or something.

What fixtures are featured in IKTS?

Strictly all fixtures in the EPL on a given weekend. Sometimes I split up the fixtures into two different weeks because some matches are played on weekends, and others are played midweek. Usually though, I make Wednesday my cutoff line for weekly fixtures, anything afterwards either gets excluded or added to the next week. I also throw in bonus matches for extra points, those games are basically only Arsenal related and consist of all their cup games, but as you'll see here soon, I have a different plan for those.

Can I make any suggestions?

Of course. Our 2 points for a margin of victory and bonus matches are all suggestions offered by other people that I've put into effect during the course of the year. There really isn't a written, black and white rulebook, but I am the commish, most of my calls are judgement calls though, with fairness.

What if I miss a week?

It's not really a big deal, although you'll probably lose some valuable points

Can I join late?

Yes, we usually pick up all kinds of people during the course of the year. Our first champion also joined about 6 weeks into the season and still won.

Can I make changes to my predictions after I post them?

Yes. But after the match starts, your locked in. It goes by individual match time, not by the start of the first match, so you can make predictions on a day to day basis as well, although I recommend doing them all at once, you can always change them before the match starts anyways. If you do want to change them, and your edit time expires, just make the change in a reply to your original post.

Some simple rules to go by are, try and keep things as organized as you can, don't make like five different posts of fixtures, do one whole list or if you go day by day, keep them in replies to the original post. Don't create long conversations about things in the fanpost either, keep that for other posts, and don't start battles with other people. Pretty much common sense things to abide by.

So now, as for the changes this year... I've decided that, while we will still have bonus matches for all of Arsenal's cup matches, I've decided to create another competition for them. I really don't have a name for it yet, but I don't want anything generic sounding, so spout off some suggestions about what it should be called. Think of it as IKTS' own Emirates Cup, except it's worth more, obviously.

My other change is one that I've been pondering about all summer. The past two seasons have seen a runaway as far as champions go. Scrupio took last year's championship basically a week early, and Flashpacker won by nearly 30 points the year before, so what better way to mix things up than have a playoff! The size of it will be determined by how many regulars we still have by, oh say, March, so it could be a four people playoff, or eight, or possibly as large as sixteen, it all depends. It'll be a basic head-to-head matchup, seeded, and the person with the highest weekly score moves on. I just thought it was a good idea to get more people involved for the championship instead of just, or what seems to be, one person pulling away. Besides, who doesn't love playoffs? But it's up to you guys, I'll post a poll, and feel free to explain yourself in your first post, or any other post for that matter if it's long winded.

2011/12 Champion: Flashpacker

2012/13 Champion: Scrupio

And now, the first week of fixtures!

I Know The Score - Week 1 Fixtures

English Premier League fixtures for Saturday, August 17th, 2013:

Liverpool vs. Stoke City (Anfield) - 7:45 am ET

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa (Emirates Stadium) - 10:00 am ET

Norwich City vs. Everton (Carrow Road) - 10:00 am ET

Sunderland vs. Fulham (Stadium of Light) - 10:00 am ET

West Bromwich Albion vs. Southampton (The Hawthorns) - 10:00 am ET

West Ham United vs. Cardiff City (Upton Park) - 10:00 am ET

Swansea City vs. Manchester United (Liberty Stadium) - 12:30 pm ET

English Premier League fixtures for Sunday, August 18th, 2013:

Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Selhurst Park) - 8:30 am ET

Chelsea vs. Hull City (Stamford Bridge) - 11:00 am ET

English Premier League fixtures for Monday, August 19th, 2013:

Manchester City vs. Newcastle United (Etihad Stadium) - 3:00 pm ET

English Premier League fixtures for Wednesday, August 21st, 2013:

Chelsea vs. Aston Villa (Stamford Bridge) - 2:45 pm ET

Cup Challenge Fixture:

Fenerbahce vs. Arsenal (Sukru Saracoglu Stadium) - 2:45 pm ET


Liverpool Stoke City

Arsenal Aston Villa

Norwich City Everton

Sunderland Fulham

West Bromwich Albion Southampton

West Ham United Cardiff City

Swansea City Manchester United

Crystal Palace Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea Hull City

Manchester City Newcastle United

Chelsea Aston Villa


Fenerbahce Arsenal

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