MLS Gameday July 4-6

After a recent conversation with pdb, I decided to do a weekly MLS fanpost where I preview the games over the weekend. However, since MLS also has some July 4th games this week, I decided to get it up a bit early this time so that I could cover the games today. I had meant to get this up in time for yesterday's games, but I had a whole bunch of DMV related issues that stopped me from doing that.

Anyways, these fan posts will offer quick previews on all the games in a slightly snarky and irreverent way, where relevant highlighting things that might be of particular interest to Arsenal fans.

Stream of the Week

MLS offers one free stream on its website every weekend. I'll normally offer a more detailed preview of that game, but I couldn't find if there is one this week. (EDIT- The Stream of the Week is Portland/Columbus)

July 4th Games

Dallas vs Chivas

Chivas USA has problems. They have racist ownership, make some of the worst deals in MLS and can't get people into their stadium Dallas has problems too, but their problems are more of the "Blas Perez is leaving for Gold Cup duty and our other strikers aren't as good" variety. In other words, if you are going to have problems, those are the kind of problems you want to have. Dallas wins.

Colorado vs New York

It is Kroneke vs Henry at high altitude. Colorado has been on a bit of a losing streak lately, while New York put together an impressive showing against Houston last week. New York wins.

LA vs Columbus

Columbus' captain Federico Higuain may be less famous than one of his brothers, but he's among the better players in MLS. Unfortunately, Columbus do not have enough talent around him, while LA both overspend on designated players and have some of the best homegrown players in MLS. LA wins.

Weekend Games

New England – San Jose

New England have looked a lot better since Juan Agudelo have joined them, while San Jose have struggled to replicate last year's form this year. The Earthquakes try to play a physical defensive style, but right now the centerbacks they need to play that are too busy with national team duty to continue with their Shawcross-esque douchebaggery. Probably not good against the Revolution attackers. Revolution win.

Houston – Philadelphia

Former WWF announcer Gorilla Monsoon always used to talk about "unstoppable forces meeting immovable objects," but with Zac MacMath and the Houston midfield, this game is more the non-stopping force in goal meeting the unable to move the ball in midfield. MacMath is basically the extremely poor man's Wally Savesny, he combines our favourite Polish keeper's inability on crosses with worse positioning and generally less upside. Draw.

Whitecaps – Seattle

A couple days before the United States played Panama at Century Link field, we were treated to a great opening act the last time these two teams met. This game will lack Russell Teibert, an exciting Homegrown player who has been called the future of Canadian soccer. For me, he is currently neck in neck with Darlington Nagbe when it comes filling the Andy Najar shaped hole in my heart for exciting young MLS prospect to watch. Expect Seattle to win this.

Chicago – Sporting Kansas City

Sporting's form has been a little mediocre lately, while Chicago come into this game playing better than they have at any earlier point in the season. Sporting are getting Matt Besler back but it might not be enough against a Fire team that has not lost since acquiring Soumare and Magee. Draw.

Columbus – Portland

Portland have not lost since Montreal, and see Columbus' Higuain with Diego Valeri and then raise them a Nagbe and a Chara. Portland's playmaking is so good that they have made Ryan Johnson look like a competent striker. They win this one easily.

Montreal – Chivas USA

Montreal is a good team and Chivas USA just isn't. Carlos Bocanegra may debut for Chivas USA, which is the closest reason I could come up with for possibly caring about this game. I would say it's a great chance to see an extremely lopsided game where a racist team takes a tremendous defeat, but every time Chivas USA play, that's pretty much the case. Montreal wins.

Colorado – DC United

Neither DC United nor Colorado are all that impressive, but they are going in opposite directions in form. However, DC United's uptick in form is relative, a couple wins are such a departure of previous form that it now counts as a hot streak even after the hard luck loss to Vancouver. This will likely be a draw.

LA Galaxy - Dallas

LA are missing Donovan, but they will cover for his absence more easily than Dallas will cover for Blas Perez. Expect LA to win.

Feel free to use this thread for your MLS predictions, discussion of any MLS games, or just sharing of any MLS news from the week.

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