MLS Game Day July 27

Stream of the Week: Toronto – Columbus

The Trillum Cup is not the most coveted rivalry cup out there, but when a state and a province have the same mascot, perhaps sparks are going to fly. This is kind of a weird choice for stream of the week, because both teams are likely going to miss the playoffs this year. However, there are a few exciting talents to watch here. Jonathan Osorio and Kyle Bekker are potentially part of a new Canadian golden generation, while Matias Laba is doing very well as a box to box midfielder for the Reds. The Crew have Frederico Higuain who, ironically, plays much more similarly to Luis Suarez than his younger brother. Then again depending on how you feel about the events of the last week, you might want to avoid hearing the name Higuain for a while. So yeah, that's the stream of the week this week. It's not the greatest game MLS has offered in this slot, but it is still free.

Colorado- LA

When Omar Gonzalez left for the World Cup qualifiers, the Galaxy seemed to miss him more than they seemed to miss either Donovan or Keane in their absence. This makes sense, because while LA have a group of young attackers capable of stepping up, no defender on their roster is comparable to Gonzalez. Colorado received a favor from Jurgen Klinsmann when Gonzalez was called up, and that will be enough for theme to eke out a tie. Draw.

DC United – New England

DC United are already winners this week, they got a new stadium. After this game, they will probably also be losers. However, DC fans can walk away from this loss with their heads held high as they will leave knowing they are getting a new stadium while the Revolution are stuck in Gillete. New England Wins.

New York - Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake are hard hit by USMNT defections, but I still see them coming through here. After all, Theirry Henry is probably not going to be in top form after getting that tattoo done. Real Salt Lake wins.

Montreal – Sporting KC

I really don't get how a team as good as Montreal can be having as bad of a streak as they are, but I'm not going to question it. Sporting Kansas City wins.

Vancouver – Philadelphia

The Union have been eking out draws against quality competition for a while now, and Vancouver is a better team than they are often given credit for. Love the Russell Teibert vs Sheanon Williams matchup here. Draw.

Houston – Chicago

A few weeks ago, this would have been an easy call in favor of the Fire. They were on an awesome hot streak since acquiring Magee and Houston couldn't buy a goal to save their life. Things have changed a bit now, and that should be enough for the Dynamo. Houston win.

San Jose – Portland

Portland have a tendency to play very aggressively on the road, yet lead MLS in ties. Those two facts seem kind of weird when put together, but kind of make sense if you watch them. San Jose also play aggressively, but in a much less desirable way than Portland do. Portland wins.

Seattle – Chivas USA

Chivas USA recently got their first win since Chelis left/was fired. However, for all Seattle's struggles this year, they are much better than the Toronto team Chivas beat. Draw.


Cardiff City want Henry, everyone else wants to enjoy a good LOL.

A special that aired on HBO on Tuesday discussed discrimination at Chivas USA.

Chicago signed Juan Luis Anangano as a new Designated Player, but Chicago got a forward who looks like he will fit in well with the team. He can step into the role that Chicago hoped Sherjil MacDonald would take.

Montreal got a designated player of their own in Hernan Bernardello. I know even less about him, and everything I learned came from this excellent piece on Mount Royal Soccer, SB Nation's Montreal Impact blog. So if you're curious, you should probably just go and read that..

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