IKTS Week 32 Report/Week 33 Fixtures

SteakBaller pulled out a nice victory this week, logging a score of 10(1) to take the week. Adnan Ilyas took a tiebreaker to claim second with an 8(2), and myself and HoodRiverDuck scored 8(1) to tie for third. HoodRiverDuck also took over second place in the standings from silverace99 in a tight battle for 2nd, and he also took a nice chunk out of Scrupio's season lead, which now stands at 282(43).

Week 32 Podium:

1st: SteakBaller - 10(1) 2nd: Adnan Ilyas - 8(2) T-3rd: bmasson11 and HoodRiverDuck - 8(1)

Season Top Three:

1st: Scrupio - 282(43) 2nd: HoodRiverDuck - 267(41) 3rd: silverace99 - 265(40)

Clever Picks of the Week:

- SteakBaller scored the only points on Sunderland 1-0 Everton, scoring a marginal 2 points to clinch the win for the weekend

- Adnan Ilyas was one of two to score on West Bromwich 1-1 Newcastle, scoring a correct 3 points to garner 2nd place

Crisis Picks of the Week:

- Nobody scored on QPR 2-0 Stoke or Tottenham 3-1 Man. City, the last one being noted because nobody really expected that late game upset...

I Know The Score - Week 32 Results:

1.) SteakBaller - 10(1)

2.) Adnan Ilyas - 8(2)

T-3.) bmasson11 - 8(1)

T-3.) HoodRiverDuck - 8(1)

5.) Scrupio - 7(1)

6.) silverace99 - 5(0)

7.) hansdampf - 4(0)

I Know The Score - Season Standings:

1.) Scrupio - 282(43)

2.) HoodRiverDuck - 267(41)

3.) silverace99 - 265(40)

4.) SteakBaller - 251(37)

5.) hansdampf - 196(21)

6.) bmasson11 - 194(24)

7.) Adnan Ilyas - 189(19)

I Know The Score - Week 33 Fixtures:

English Premier League fixtures for Saturday, April 27th, 2013:

Manchester City vs. West Ham United (Etihad Stadium) - 7:45 am ET

Everton vs. Fulham (Goodison Park) - 10:00 am ET

Southampton vs. West Bromwich Albion (St. Mary's Stadium) - 10:00 am ET

Stoke City vs. Norwich City (Britannia Stadium) - 10:00 am ET

Wigan Athletic vs. Tottenham Hotspur (DW Stadium) - 10:00 am ET

Newcastle United vs. Liverpool (St. James Park) - 12:30 pm ET

English Premier League fixtures for Sunday, Sunday, April 28th, 2013:

Reading vs. Queens Park Rangers (Madejski Stadium) - 8:30 am ET

Chelsea vs. Swansea City (Stamford Bridge) - 10:00 am ET

Arsenal vs. Manchester United (Ashburton Grove) - 11:00 am ET

English Premier League fixtures for Monday, April 29th, 2013:

Aston Villa vs. Sunderland (Villa Park) - 3:00 pm ET

Cut/Paste Format:

Manchester City West Ham United

Everton Fulham

Southampton West Bromwich Albion

Stoke City Norwich City

Wigan Athletic Tottenham Hotspur

Newcastle United Liverpool

Reading Queens Park Rangers

Chelsea Swansea City

Arsenal Manchester United

Aston Villa Sunderland

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