TGIF: A look at the remaining fixtures of the teams in the top-four race

This is an Arsenal take on a post originally on WAGNH by Zain S.

Chelsea: Wigan (H), City (A), WBA (H), Fulham (A), WHU (H), Southampton (A), Sunderland (H), Spurs (H), Liverpool (A), Swansea (H), United (A), Villa (A), Everton (H).

Spurs: NU (H), WHU (A), Arsenal (H), Liverpool (A), Fulham (H), Swansea (A), Everton (H), Chelsea (A), City (H), Wigan (A), Southampton (H), Stoke (A), Sunderland (H)

Arsenal: Sunderland (A), Villa (H), Spurs (A), Everton (H), Swansea (A), Reading (H), WBA (A), Norwich (H), Fulham (A), United (H), QPR (A), Wigan (H), NU (A)

Everton: United (A), Norwich (A), Reading (H), Arsenal (A), City (H), Stoke (H), Spurs (A), QPR (H), Sunderland (A), Fulham (H), Liverpool (A), WHU (H), Chelsea (A)

In bold are the more difficult fixtures where points could reasonably be dropped and in italics are the relatively easier fixtures where any side with top-four aspirations should really be picking up the full three points.

Spurs and Everton have what appears to be the most challenging schedule with 6 bold fixtures each, compared with 5 for Chelsea, and 3 for Arsenal. This is good news for the Gunners as they have what appears to be the lowest amount of tough games.

The easy games then tell a similar story. Arsenal have 7 "easy" games while Chelsea and Everton have 5 and Spurs have 4 of them. Another good sign for Wenger's British Boys, as they should be able to pick up more points from these fixtures then the other 3 competitors.

If we do a simple estimation, where each team wins all of the easy fixtures, draws the mid leval, while they all lose the tough ones, we get the following results:

CFC: 5 w, 3 d, 5 L for 18 points

Totts: 4w, 3d, 6 L for 15 points

AFC: 7 w, 2d, 3 L for 24 points

EVT: 5 w, 2d, 6 L for 17 points

This give us final standings of:

3rd Arsenal with 65 pts

4th Chelsea with 64 pts

5th Totts with 60 pts

6th Everton with 59 pts

So yay! We got 3rd! Alas this is not exactly how things will play out, but id does bode well that Arsenal will be able to make up some ground with what to appears to be the easiest run in race for the 4th place cup.

It starts tomorrow with Sunderland. If I remember correctly from last year: Omar Comin' !

* This post was updated and figures were changed @ 2:58pm on 2/8.

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