FIFA 14 - holy wow

Did anyone pick up FIFA 14 for next gen? I recently purchased it for XB1, and I can't believe how broken this game is

As far as the game goes, everything is pretty much broken. The lobbed ball glitch is back, rearing its ugly head from the FIFA 10 and 11 days. Lobbed through ball abuse is rampant, and I mean absolutely rampant on every game mode. Seasons, FUT, etc. It is impossible to stop because EA actually dumbed down the overpowered defensive AI from FIFA 13. Instead of balancing the AI, EA decided to go towards the other end of that spectrum. Your defenders won't give chase when balls are initially lobbed. On crosses, you'll find your defenders running into the net, and you also won't be able to switch to the right player half the time. If a through ball, whether on the ground or in the air, is powered enough, any striker with decent pace will get on the end of it, and the defenders will slow down for no apparent reason and allow him to get it.

The jockey system has been just destroyed, and it's a damn shame. You have to give yourself at least 15 yards of space if you want to jockey, as moving around too much while jockeying will cause your player to swerve to one side due to momentum, and recovering takes forever. Contain is the same, but when an opponent makes quick dribbling moves, it is easily rendered useless. You have to move each player meticulously into position, and even the slightest mistake in your micromanagement will result in a chance for the other team.

Just like in FIFA 12, the switch to the new engine has made the fouling system horrendous. Players will get red cards for the dumbest things, and sometimes get away with bloody murder without even a foul. The devs also didn't watch games enough to realize that defenders aren't actually allowed to tug on shirts and pull players to impede progress, but that doesn't seem to matter. You can grab a guy and dance to your heart's content.

While on the subject of EA doing the exact opposite on defense, they have done the same for the chip shot. We all knew chip shots were horribly underpowered, and getting a chip shot to go in in past FIFA games was worthy of some achievement. Not anymore. You can chip to the far post from anywhere around in the box, or even the edges of the box, and even if the GK is on his line, the chip will find its way in many times. I've actually used defenders and manage to score in this fashion. Finesse shots also seem to be OP again. I scored a couple of 25-30 yard finesse shots in several games just today.

Also, the pressure. Oh, that pressure. Whenever you win the ball in 14 in your own half, the opposing team will press collectively, and completely block out all midfield and wide area options to use as an outlet. You will get closed down ASAP. It isn't a big problem if you get the ball out quick, but you'll find your players screwing up the easiest passes when under pressure. The funny part? You can lob it perfectly to one of your players with 2 guys breathing down your neck. It's hilarious.

I can't believe how backwards EA have gone on this, though I shouldn't be surprised considering their recent history. There was no real need for a new engine. Instead, they didn't manage to screw up just one franchise with this engine, they also managed to FUBAR Madden. All that needed to be fixed from 13 was the rampant pace abuse/counter attacking football, and the defensive AI. Instead we get this steaming pile of crap.

I actually typed up a long post in the FIFA 14 general board detailing all the problems, and I logged in yesterday to find out that I had been banned. I could not believe my eyes. The lack of quality control over at EA is astounding. I was a huge fan of FIFA until 12. 13 was a bit of a step backward, but I could at least manage without raging every game. 14 just takes the proverbial cake. Anyways, I ended up returning the game last night after founding out that i had been banned from the forum. It is just ridiculous. I generally doesn't insult folks over the internet, or get into shouting matches, so I was shocked. I wrote nothing that could've possibly offended anyone aside from the developers.


Anyone want to wallow with me in my misery, feel free to do so. If you don't agree, let's have conversation like decent men (and women).

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