IKTS Week 15 Report - SIGNING OFF

The Prodigal Bmasson11 has returned! Long live Brad Masson! Long live Gandalf the Red Santa Claus! It must have been pretty badass to see him and Rudolph fighting off the Balrog using their magical flying corn kernels. But maybe Peter Jackson will add a half an hour or so of that footage to the next Hobbit installment, amirite?



Here is the link to the Week 15 Google Sheet report. Dark green indicates 3 points, medium 2 points, and light green 1 point. I'll probably keep nerding it up and making these things, because ZOMGSPREADSHEETS. I'll try and link to them or post a pic now and then.

Onto the standings then, now with Gandalf-endorsed officiality!

Week 14

Points IKTS
AndrewMain 8 1
Sam5001 7 2
Astar 6 1
T.Coolguy 6 1
Captain Kirk 3 6 0
sluellwitz 6 0
Adnan Ilyas 5 0
jellomon 4 1
Philly37 4 1
silverace99 4 1
HoodRiverDuck 4 0
Scrupio 4 0
SteakBaller 3 0
hansdampf 1 0

First off, hansdampf-- WE LOVE YOU. Second, math is easy when there isn't a lot of it, so thanks to everyone else for sucking more than usual too!

THE PODIUM: AndrewMain, Sam5001 take top two, and AStar and Torvald Coolguy elbow each oterh in the ribs to try and stand out on the third tier of the podium.

CLEVER PICK OF THE WEEK: Sam5001 was the only one to score on WBA 0-2 Norwich, and he took three points just to rub our noses in it.

CRISIS PICK OF THE WEEK: Any pick in any Arsenal match. Nice going, everyone. Keep up the jinxing, no really.

Season Standings

Points IKTS
hansdampf 140 16
HoodRiverDuck 138 16
silverace99 135 15
Adnan Ilyas 134 15
Scrupio 133 15
sluellwitz 132 15
jellomon 124 14
SteakBaller 124 13
Captain Kirk 3 119 12
Astar 112 10
T.Coolguy 107 10
AndrewMain 106 14
Philly37 97 11
rzor 90 10
Sam5001 85 12
bmasson11 67 6
PowderedDonut 51 5
LePrince 32 4
Harold Harpoon 25 3
bearcatcardfan 16 1
DJ Holm 8 0

I haven't made a correct pick in nearly a month now, and yet I'm still somehow breathing down hansdampf's neck, but closely followed by a very angry mob of challengers. Are those real wood torches? Where the hell does one purchase a real wood torch in 2013? The internet, man, it's got everything!

IKTS Cup Sponsored by TSF Industries Standings

Points IKTS
sluellwitz 12 2
HoodRiverDuck 11 3
Scrupio 10 1
PowderedDonut 9 2
silverace99 8 1
Captain Kirk 3 8 1
Philly37 7 2
SteakBaller 7 1
Adnan Ilyas 6 1
jellomon 6 1
hansdampf 6 0
T.Coolguy 5 1
AndrewMain 5 1
Sam5001 5 1
Astar 4 0
rzor 2 0
Harold Harpoon 2 0
bearcatcardfan 2 0
bmasson11 1 0
LePrince 1 0
DJ Holm 1 0

Remember that part about how I said the cup standings would change this week? Not so much. But hey, at least, oh, every single team we might draw is freaking terrifying if we keep showing the form of the last two matches come February. Of course, we'll have bought Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Lewandowski, Ribery, and Ibrahimovic by then. They'll be cup tied and all, but at least we won't have to face them.

And on that note, back to you, Brad!

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