What kind of striker will Wenger be looking for (To back up Giroud! )

This is something I've been incredibly curious about for a while now, even more so after our failed bid for Luis Suarez this summer, that also in a sense showed that Wenger still would like to add at least 1 more striker. While It's still a sticking point for some Arsenal fans, I think Olivier Giroud personally has already cemented a 1st team spot at Arsenal, yes his finishing might not always be there( some rest would help this problem). but he adds so much more to the team that it (Should at least) become's a mute point, things like 5 assists already, great hold up play that allows our midfielders to get goals (Ramsey/ Wilshere/ Ozil/ etc), and defensive clearances on corners/ set pieces. Also when you look at who's playing behind him It's clear to all someone will be coming in if not in January this summer, players like the often injured still raw Yaya Sanogo, Bendtner (Nuff said), and Akpom (still not ready) just aren't enough for a whole season for a club like Arsenal.

Which brings us to who Wenger might be interested in :

Luis Suarez:, the media's been pushing this still (& players to be fair ), but I just don't see it ever happening.

Kostas Mitroglou of Olympiakos: if Wenger we're to look for a player similar to Giroud to play for him on occasion, he for me would be the best choice. He's a young (25), experienced striker (Many years playing in the CL for Olympiakos), that is physical, holds the ball up well, can shoot with both feet, head the ball well ( ) and for a big guy runs pretty well and opens up space for the wingers/ midfielders. And yeah as Arsenal fans we know all about him already .

More then likely though Wenger will go for more of a false #9 type, that's a different type of striker to Giroud, but can also play with him.

Abel Hernandez, Palermo (23 Years Old): There were a lot of rumors we made a bid for him before the transfer market closed, and in my opinion he's exactly what we need. The last few years he's been injured but even when he did play it was on the wing, which has really helped his game. Now playing as the lone striker his movement is great, and It's also greatly improved his link up play with the team, while still scoring goals regularly (2nd leading scorer in Serie B right now).

Max Kruse, Borussua Mochengladbach (Also 25 Years old) : Been mentioning him for a while now, but there simply isn't a better striker for Arsenal. Just read this from Ralph Honigstein's German Bundesliga article today : " Kruse's pace is such that he's great moving to the flanks or arriving late in the box; his passing is extraordinarily good, too: against HSV, he completed 46 out 48 attempts. He's both a "nine" and "false nine" and thus has a great chance to make Joachim Löw's World Cup squad "

. He's also 3rd in the Bundesliga in goals this season with 7, and has been called up for Germany's recent games. Some highlights from him last year. Honigstein's article for those that are interested

Other possible players Luis Muriel/ ?????. Curious who everyone thinks would best help Arsenal improve, feedback would be appreciated COYG !

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