I Know The Score -- Week 13, SO MANY GAMES, SO LITTLE TIME

The insanity of the Premier League holiday schedule is upon us. So I figured I'd get this out early, while we all wait for The Prodigal Bmasson11 to return from his spell at Alisher Usmanov's Fantasy Death Metal Camp. If nobody minds, I'll just keep plugging these out there until after the New Year (or until bmasson11 says so), because holy monkey are there lot of December matches.

Here is the link to the Week 12 report in all its Google Sheet glory. Dark green indicates 3 points, medium 2 points, and light green 1 point.

I'm still calling this all unofficial, but here are the standings as I have them:

Week 12

Points IKTS
Adnan Ilyas 16 3
hansdampf 16 2
Sam5001 13 3
jellomon 13 2
silverace99 12 2
SteakBaller 12 2
Scrupio 11 2
Captain Kirk 3 11 1
AndrewMain 10 1
HoodRiverDuck 10 1
sluellwitz 10 1
T.Coolguy 6 1
PowderedDonut 1 0

THE PODIUM: Congratulations to Adnan for edging out hansdampf and to Sam5001 for edging out jellomon on exact picks. But mostly, congratulations to everyone for pulling their heads out of their asses and scoring some freaking POINTS this week.

CLEVER PICK OF THE WEEK: Captain Kirk 3 knew that Cardiff was going to score a late equalizer to hold off a scrappy mid-table side named, apparently, Manchester United. How's that working out for you, being clever? Keep it up, riiiight up.

CRISIS PICK OF THE WEEK: jellomon liked West Ham to draw with Chelsea for some reason, so unlike the rest of us, failed to score any points on that match.

Season Standings

Points IKTS
hansdampf 127 15
HoodRiverDuck 120 16
Adnan Ilyas 113 14
silverace99 113 12
Scrupio 111 14
sluellwitz 107 13
SteakBaller 104 13
jellomon 99 10
Captain Kirk 3 96 10
rzor 90 10
Astar 90 8
T.Coolguy 81 8
Philly37 80 9
AndrewMain 79 10
bmasson11 67 6
Sam5001 61 8
PowderedDonut 51 5
LePrince 32 4
Harold Harpoon 25 3
bearcatcardfan 16 1
DJ Holm 8 0

A little more separation at the top this week thanks to me sucking eggs hansdampf being his usual astute scoreknowing self. But to me, there are a loooooot of weeks left, and it's still anybody's contest to win. Except for you, DJ Holm.



IKTS Cup Sponsored by TSF Industries Standings

Points IKTS
sluellwitz 12 2
HoodRiverDuck 11 3
Scrupio 10 1
PowderedDonut 9 2
silverace99 8 1
Captain Kirk 3 8 1
Philly37 7 2
SteakBaller 7 1
Adnan Ilyas 6 1
jellomon 6 1
hansdampf 6 0
T.Coolguy 5 1
AndrewMain 5 1
Sam5001 5 1
Astar 4 0
rzor 2 0
Harold Harpoon 2 0
bearcatcardfan 2 0
bmasson11 1 0
LePrince 1 0
DJ Holm 1 0

This one time, I had nine points from three matches. sluellwitz knows a thing or two about squad rotation for nonleague matches, though, so kudos to him. No IKTSCSBTSFI (royalty checks payable to me) action this week, on with your picks!

IKTS, Week 13:

Saturday, November 30:
Aston Villa vs Sunderland, 10am
Cardiff vs Arsenal, 10am
Everton vs Stoke, 10am
Norwich vs Crystal Palace, 10am
West Ham vs Fulham, 10am
Newcastle vs West Brom, 12:30pm, NBC

Sunday, December 1:
Tottenham vs Man United, 7am, NBC Sports Network
Hull vs Liverpool, 9am, NBC Sports Network
Chelsea vs Southampton, 11am, NBC Sports Network
Man City vs Swansea, 11am, Premier League Extra Time


Aston Villa Sunderland

Cardiff Arsenal

Everton Stoke

Norwich Crystal Palace

West Ham Fulham

Newcastle West Brom

Tottenham Manchester United

Hull Liverpool

Chelsea Southampton

Manchester City Swansea

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