Cesc Fabregas interview: says he would love to go back to Arsenal one day

But hold onto your pants: he doesn't necessarily mean as a player.

The Guardian has posted part 1 of a 2-part interview with former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas. This Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of his Arsenal first-team debut.

On the question of whether he would ever come back to Arsenal, Cesc replied:

Arsenal is in my heart and always will be. I don't know if I'll have the opportunity to go back and play there one day, or maybe after football. It's a club that is always going to be there and will always open its doors to me. The club's like a family so even if it wasn't as a coach, I'm sure they'd give me the chance to play a role. Sol [Campbell] is there now. Arsenal help a lot with the formation of coaches. [Dennis] Bergkamp also went there two, three times a week when he was doing his coaching badges. In that sense it's a lovely club and there might be the chance to do something with them.

So it's possible that Cesc might come back, but perhaps as a coach rather than as a player.

He also mentions that not winning a title with Arsenal will always be one of his great regrets:

[I]n the last few years we [Arsenal] played the most attractive football [in England], entertaining the fans. People enjoy watching them and I'm proud of that. People say: "OK, they haven't won anything but, wow, I'd pay money again to see these boys play." There are other teams that have won more – and I'm not naming names – but when they win people say: "Well they've won but that's all." I'll always have that thorn in my side, though, that sadness. I wish I'd gone with a title.

He also had an interesting perspective of why Arsenal always fell short of winning the title in the last few years, partly because of the young squad being inexperienced, but that the current Arsenal squad seems to have the balance right. Cesc thinks that Flamini and Ozil are spectacular signings.

As for Robin van Persie...

Does it hurt to see Van Persie at United?

I wouldn't say "hurt" ...

But do you think: "Arsenal could have been so good"?

He always had bad luck with injuries. I don't think I was able to enjoy a whole uninterrupted season with him. When I left he had an incredible season, scoring 30, 35 goals. If only we had always had him right because it would have helped us.

I don't know about you guys, but I interpret that part of the interview as Cesc going "meh". The more fascinating part of the interview comes when Cesc talks about Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey:

How good can Ramsey and Wilshere be?

As good as they want. They have quality on the ball and they have the physical attributes. Ramsey's stamina is spectacular. He and Flamini are the strongest I've ever seen, covering the ground. Wilshere is a bit different to the typical English player. He's not a [Steven] Gerrard or a [Frank] Lampard, he's more of a short passer, a "tocador"; a player of association. Ramsey is one of those that you look at and think: "He doesn't stand out in any specific quality, but he does everything, everything, well." His touch is good, his movement's good, now he's scoring goals too, providing assists. He's a kid who as a team player is a beast. Above all, he now has the confidence, responsibility.

Do you see a bit of yourself in him?

Sometimes I look back and I think about being captain, about the responsibility I had, and I wonder: how did someone like Ramsey look at me? I watch the way Ramsey is playing now, how he looks so liberated, and I think maybe I blocked his way. Maybe I was an obstacle. Sometimes you need someone to leave for you to step forward and say: "I'm here." I'm saying that about Ramsey just as an example, by the way, because the poor kid had the injury too – I could say the same for Jack. It's the concept I'm talking about, the idea of stepping up. That mental unblocking is so important. Both of them have a brilliant future.

As an aside, it's always assumed that Jack will be Arsenal's future captain, but Ramsey's already been captain of Wales. Could it be that Ramsey is Arsenal's future captain instead? Anyway, the interview is an interesting read, even if it is tinged with the feeling of an amicable ex talking about good old times, and some nostalgic, bittersweet regrets. But it seems as if even that old ex realizes that the ship has sailed. Arsenal have moved on, and have got a new man in Mesut Ozil.
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