Arsenal 4-1 Norwich City: instant reaction

two goals, and he still may not have been the best player - Paul Gilham

Arsenal weren't perfect, but four moments of total class tore Norwich's defense apart.

Jack Wilshere 1-0 18'
Mesut Ozil 2-0 58'
Jonathan Howson 2-1 70'
Aaron Ramsey 3-1 83'
Mesut Ozil 4-1 88'

Well, that was really something, wasn't it? Arsenal weren't really at the top of their powers, but that's actually kind of frightening because they scored four of the best goals I've seen from Arsenal since Thierry Henry was around.

The first is the goal of the season - if there's one better, I'd like to see it. Jack Wilshere started a counterattack that led to Santi Cazorla diving in from the left. He passed to Wilshere, who gave it back - Cazorla then passed to Olivier Giroud, who played a blind backheel 1-2-1 with Wilshere, who finished sidefoot. It was a spectacular goal, so good that live, I wasn't totally sure it had happened.

The second was nearly as good. Another countterattack, this time started by Cazorla. He found Giroud on the right flank, who played a perfect cross with his left foot to Ozil, who headed it home.

Arsenal conceded with twenty minutes after some slightly messy defense. A ball in the box was partially cleared by Per Mertesacker, but it ended up falling to Jonathan Howson after a little pinball. He struck a low shot from the top of the box, and Wojciech Szczesny - who played very well - was just barely unable to save.

But Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil secured the points with goals in the last ten minutes. Ramsey made his mostly himself - it almost seemed as if Jack Wilshere's pass was to say "okay, here's the ball - you make something here." He did - a move left to drop two defenders in the box, a move right to drop another, and then after staring down John Ruddy for a split second, the finish.

Ozil's started where most goals start: Nicklas Bendtner. He laid the ball off to Tomas Rosicky (both came on as substitutes, as did Ramsey), who crossed to Ramsey at the far post. Rather than shooting he laid the ball on to Ozil, who was positioned perfectly in the box and finished simply.

It was nervy for about eight minutes, but for the other 85 or so, there was little evidence Arsenal would not win. This team is pretty good.

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