IKTS Weeks 19 and 20 Report

Week 21 will be a separate post of fixtures

Also, Chelsea/Southampton for tomorrow will be included for Week 21, if you haven't posted a score for it, do it in Week 21. If you already posted for it, I'll make sure to go back and check for Week 21's report.

It was a pretty dismal couple weeks for all of us, very low scoring weeks. SteakBaller pulled out a decent 8(2) score for a Week 19 victory and silverace99, after missing Week 19 (probably due to my lateness), was victorious in Week 20 with a score of 7(0). SteakBaller also reclaimed the season lead by one point after Scrupio dropped a bomb in Week 20 and capitalized on it.

In other news, after recent events occurring with the family and all, I've finally gotten around to starting my own blog called Out in Left Field. I know it's poor manners to advertise your own blog on another, but 1.) Being that we're all pretty much regulars here, I figured it wouldn't be too harsh to promote it considering I just started it last night and 2.) It's about sports in general and by no means will draw people away from TSF. Go take a look at it. I've only posted an introduction, but I'll have my first actual post up sometime tomorrow. This is something I've wanted to do for awhile, and I've finally gotten some inspiration and motivation to do so.

Week 19 Podium:

1st: SteakBaller - 8(2) T-2nd: bmasson11 and Scrupio - 7(1)

Week 20 Podium:

1st: silverace99 - 7(0) T-2nd: bmasson11 and SteakBaller - 6(1)

Season Top Three:

1st: SteakBaller - 174(28) 2nd: Scrupio - 173(28) 3rd: silverace99 - 162(24)

No Clever or Crisis picks this report, too many to sort out...

I Know The Score: Week 19 Standings:

1.) SteakBaller - 8(2)

T-2.) bmasson11 - 7(1)

T-2.) Scrupio - 7(1)

4.) Adnan Ilyas - 6(1)

5.) hansdampf - 6(0)

6.) Learn2Leaf - 5(0)

7.) HoodRiverDuck - 4(0)

I Know The Score - Week 20 Standings:

1.) silverace99 - 7(0)

T-2.) bmasson11 - 6(1)

T-2.) SteakBaller - 6(1)

4.) Match Day 5 - 5(1)

5.) hansdampf - 4(0)

6.) HoodRiverDuck - 3(0)

T-7.) Learn2Leaf - 2(0)

T-7.) Scrupio - 2(0)

T-9.) Adnan Ilyas - 1(0)

T-9.) Nathaniel Perlow - 1(0)

I Know The Score - Season Standings:

1.) SteakBaller - 174(28)

2.) Scrupio - 173(28)

3.) silverace99 - 162(24)

4.) HoodRiverDuck - 156(20)

5.) Learn2Leaf - 143(21)

6.) Nathaniel Perlow - 134(18)

7.) bmasson11 - 128(18)

8.) Adnan Ilyas - 123(14)

9.) hansdampf - 117(13)

10.) Match Day 5 - 77(9)

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