Are you addicted to The Short Fuse?


Excessive use of sport blogs such as TSF can cause: loss of focus, dizziness, dry eyes, carpal tunnel, a strange "time flies" effect, questions from significant others or supervisors such as "what are you reading? or why are you on that site?"

Symptoms include but are not limited to: bookmarking TSF, checking back every hour for new stories, reading every comment, excessively hitting refresh, thinking about witty things to say to get responses, peeing in a cup to not leave computer, updating data plan to have mobile app always running, using TSF meme's and inside jokes in every day speech.

If you are anything like me you are an Arsenal fan. You also might spend quite a bit (too much) time on TSF. Especially as the season has drawn close and transfermania has hit full steam, the desire to be in the loop has grown very powerful. (Because obviously, not knowing about a transfer until after work is not nearly as enjoyable as knowing within 10 minutes of the announcement.) I for one enjoy transfer season, and I know that I will be checking this site quite frequently over the next 3 days.

With how quickly information moves and spreads these days, knowing that something could be known and not knowing it is hard to know. (Does that make sense to anyone but me?)

So for the fist (un)official meeting of The Short Fuse Annonymous I would like to say, "Hi my name is Nick and I have a Sports Blog problem."

So my friends, how addicted are you to TSF?

*Since Polls are no longer allowed to me, feel free to answer with something in the range of:

  1. I need water, TSF, and Food in that order
  2. I weened myself off crack-cocaine with TSF
  3. If I don't check every few minutes, I literally break into a cold sweat
  4. I'm not addicted, I could stop any time, I just choose not too
  5. I check every few hours, just to get that good feeling
  6. It's a daily thing for me, kind of like waking up and feeding the dog
  7. I'm starting to get into it more, not sure if it's a good decision
  8. I'm here every once in awhile, just a casual thing you know?
  9. This was the first thing I read, how do I leave?

*Anyone who has read The Short Fuse has or will die.

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