Euro 2012 Knockout Round (It's Over Early...)

Ok, so I know this is a bit late, but I've been running around Duluth helping out people with flood damage (you may have seen some of it already, if not, go look it up). So the format for this part of the Euro game works just like your March Madness bracket would. Predict your quarterfinal, semifinal, and final winners, correct picks earn "X" amount of points. Quarterfinal wins are 4 points, semifinal wins are 8 points, and a final win is 12 points. An extra point is tacked on for correctly guessing the exact score of a match. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. So far, I've found it best to just insert scores IKTS style, but make sure you mark which ones are quarters, semis, and the final.

UPDATE! Due to unusual circumstances and only five participants in the knockout round, the scores you see below are now the final scores because everybody had Germany winning the tournament, therefore I am pleased to announce HoodRiverDuck as your TSF Euro 2012 Champion! It's too bad that it came down to an extremely anticlimactic finish, but it's been great watching all the games. I have to say though, it's not nearly as fun as the EPL IKTS season, which I think I'm going to exclusively focus on from here on out and I hope most of you will play that coming up in a couple of months. Overall, I think I could have set this up better, but I don't think it's worth it to do a World Cup game, besides, that's another two years down the road so who knows.

Euro 2012 Scoring Through The Final:

1.) HoodRiverDuck - 54 pts

2.) bmasson11 - 50 pts

3.) hansdampf - 39 pts

4.) Nathaniel Perlow - 37 pts

5.) SteakBaller - 36 pts

6.) bearcatcardfan - 18 pts

7.) Adnan Ilyas - 8 pts

8.) Learn2Leaf - 5 pts

9.) Match Day 5 - 4 pts

10.) theRamster - 3 pts

11.) NYflyGUY - 0 pts

Group Stage Round 1 Winner - HoodRiverDuck - 7 pts

Group Stage Round 2 Winner - SteakBaller - 13 pts

Group Stage Round 3 Winner - bmasson11 - 9 pts

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